I am Back

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In all honesty, I don’t know what to write anymore. I tookbreak after break after break and now I know I am breaking down. I let down alot of people by leaving xanga. Now I am back. Not in the same way though… you allwill understand what the changes are in the days to come.

  Well… I am sad,angry and frustrated. Happiness…. mmm it is an illusion I don’t understandanymore. There are those who believe they can be a friend of minewithout knowing who I really am. There are who believed that I am a soft speakingflower carrying romantic. And here I am none of those, I am no friend of anyone.I am not the lover of anyone. But I know who really I am. Literally the “LonelyPoet”I will remain as is. The “Age Of Survival” is over. I will not wait for life todeal the next deck of cards for me. I probably will make my own game with my ownsets of rules. Well… I already know the set of rules. Now I need invent a game around those rules. Haha.Though, tragic in the eyes of all, I still enjoy “MY” life to the fullest.

  So how will start “IAAAAAAM BAAAAAACK”. Good enough?

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  1. Sweet Riaz~  Ahhh…i for one, am so glad your back.  I have missed reading your daily updates.  You write so deep.  We are all friends in one way or another.  Life is complicated.  But, just so you know….i care.  I care that you are lonely, or that you are happy or so or whatever.   Your important to our xanga world.  Take care sweet friend of mine and I will talk to you later.  Hugz…Kimmie*

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