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The confusion in the mind was not new. There is somethingelse in my mind. There are long, long poems I plan to write. I need time,space, money and above all more loneliness. Haha.. the world is too crowded forme or at least my world. This is part of a self talk. Sounds crazy isn’t it.Haha.. The only answer to the question “What is your problem” to me is“Insanity”. In another way… that is the key.


Away and away, from oneself I felt,
Lying upon a pillow with little room to breathe,
The morning a long time back galloped away,
Noon knocking on all doors with all strength,
Got up I to know I am a day more older.

After getting up, barely I could walk,
As all the strength inside of me, oversleep consumed.

Oh’ tired I am, as inside and outside I felt,
The real man behind myself dragging,
Himself hard to keep up with the masquerade,
Why did you loved all who never cared?
Why did you jumped into devilish traps?
Why did you poisoned your own self,
In your race to oblivion?
All the ‘why’ questions asked he.

Oh’ didn’t I walked through paths paved,
With truth and honesty dipped in morality?
Didn’t I walked away when inappropriate I saw?
Didn’t I unleashed into actions, thoughts unselfish,
When all I loved pierced my heart deep?
Tell me where will I hide this pain unbearable?
Yourself lame and crawling, tell me should I crawl too?
Still, so near to you I always will remain,
As you the real will someday burn down this clown,
As from being a filthy unloved will gain,
The strength of love, when your soul will be loved,
Until then this masqueraded clown will carry you,
From then, the love you gain will carry you,
Into the depths of eternity.

Oh’ daytime burned out and stars up in the heavens thrown
When the inner arguments finished,
And to the night after a long time I spoke,
“Bring to me dreams in my lifetime unseen,
Take this cancer of consciousness away and bring,
The beauty called sleep, who outside my door waiting,
The door of my mind only she opens and closes, when needed”.

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