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An extraordinary day… I like these kinda days, that take me through the every possible feeling. Even though I write many depressing poems and describe myself as an ugly loser… Didn’t I always tell that I love my life? If you haven’t heard it before, from now on you can’t say, I didn’t say it. Haha. Part of the following poem is written looking at Angelika, in short Lika. The inspiration she is, for me to write poetry is indescribable.




A snow owl lost ways in the summer warmth,

Though darkness blanketed every corner, eyes can see,

Still the warmth all around dirty danced.


Oh’ the owls cry in the near and far I heard,

Waking me inside first, knowing well the agony he felt.


Scattered dark clouds slowly marched,

Only their movement in the dark I saw,

In their time everything the lords of the dark dominates,

And leave thoughtless fear upon my heart in depression swayed.


Oh’ then far above a bunch of cloud I saw,

The siege of dark, by light rays broken,

Oh’ in my mind I saw the morning’s arrival,

Like a billion Jasmines blooming all at once.


The morning dragged the lazy me,

And pushed into a noon that relayed me,

To an evening that into my mind whispered

Gloomy thoughts that clutched my heart into pain,

And reality in those whispers and pain, took an early nap.


Even when lark lords marched their way back,

The never resting spirit inside lingered in gloom,

And through the virtual magnificence she came with a glow,

Deep from her soul, asking for my words in verse weaved.


To her and the world only one word I said “Serenity”.

With every glimpse and every sound I heard,

O with the merger of those senses I weaved,

Verses to her soul I said.




Oh’ the serenity of a lake I see,

As a poetic mind upon that tranquility floats,

With thoughts about love invaluable, 

And dissolves into that serenity of love,

That serenity is what I see, in your eyes.


What beautiful thoughts in my mind I feel,

As your lips blossoms and words like pearls falls,

Every thought your soul conceive,

And whisper into the mind of yours,

Glow through every inch of yours,

When you speak those thoughts in words,

Through those beautiful lips of yours.


You are a beauty who can move,

Mountains with a wink,

You can calm storms with a smile,

And unfreeze winter freeze with a touch.


A hundred years before if we met,

I would’ve said all the same loving words I said today,

All the loving words today I say,

Still will remain, even when my soul by eternity carried.”


Lika left after leaving her charm upon my heart,

Then again I said “Oh you to whom this poet promised

Put in line my life I will,

To fulfill the promise I gave,

Every time I see your face I will,

Gather the essence of all love I lost,

And for the happiness of your soul, write I will”.


Then to those dark lords I said,

“Take me in a dream, close to her heart”.


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