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This day was full of spiritual thoughts. It was deep and it is deep. There are people who don’t understand how spirituality unites every living being. Well.. I am not going to go deep into that. I am only going to say what that for me did. The multiple way through which I passes and every day I take a different path and approach to deal with cards given to me. The end result, no matter what, God never let me weep.




Tuesday morning around me crawled,

As up from my sleep I woke,

Dancing in the sunlight through the curtains sneaked,

I embraced the day, month and season, unconditionally.


I will let the world walk over me,

I will look beyond what senses can feel,

I am the poet, the lover and above all the man,

Who for reasons unknown exists,

Never will I let a day decide, my happiness,

Never will I let another soul define, my satisfaction.


Many souls who their own thoughts defined,

And upon me religiously thrusts,

Oh’ those unholy souls, one by one, from my life I erase,

Along with this day that erases,

Second after second from the present and into the past write.


Oh’ the mockery of selfishness I adored and now despise,

As alone in a spiritual path I drive,

Where there are no mornings, noon, evenings and nights,

As every moment in the pleasantness of my soul enchanted,

A soul in worthiness blessed and belongs to Almighty,

From whom no rewards I seek,

As all I have and all I don’t have are rewards,

In pleasant blessings unimaginable.


The noon, evening and night materialistically danced away,

Sleepless, in thoughts with a mind clam, rested I,

And watched another day waking up in a dance, materialistically.



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