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Thursdays some are good some bad. Financially a disaster. Well… you all know I don’t care about money. It comes today goes away tomorrow. Me?… I stay the same today, tomorrow and forever haha. Said that… I am kinda feeling different. Keep reading these “Yesterdays” poems, my poems speaks better than me.




The sun might’ve laughed,

When his fire-filled wings he spread,

Seeing me sleeping, snoring loud.


I woke up with half of me,

The other half sleep walking, inside.


The hours of work from everywhere screamed,

And they all with the busy schedules sprinted.


What a day, that caught me and swayed,

Every inch of my material being,

Evening smiled at me, so did many faces, for my surprise.


Oh’ I wished yesterday forever stayed,

No ups, downs, or piercing pain to heal,

I am awakening from the coma called Love.


Late at night a laugh from me started,

For the pain upon myself I thrust,

With the word love attached in front and back.


Fool I am to pain my soul so pure,

Wise I am to erase from my life those souls, so impure,

Lucky I am to enjoy ever the pain of my soul,

And thankful I am to live in this time so great,

Knowing, liking and loving so many souls,

Far greater than mine in vision, words and deeds.


After so many weeks I slept,

In the arms of the night Angels with peace,

With a smile upon my face that stayed,

Probably all night, from the dreams I saw.



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