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I wrote this poem last Thursday. From a thought that came to my mind while driving back from work. Read the poem and the footnote.


I took this picture at work. This is the first picture I took with my new toy. Sony Cyber Shot DSC-W100 8.1MP camera. I first thought it is so small, but the guy is good. I deliberately blurred the screen to avoid the code being seen. I use two computers at work one for emails another for programming. Imagine the work haha.  



The morning came with precious time,

Glory of summer flowers waving,

At the blazing sun who looks not,

Rushed away the morn with no smile upon face,

And left the single hearted with thoughts of gloom.


Then through the digital magnificence to you I came,

The gladness I saw upon your face when you read my words,

Gladness it was what from my heart sprouted,

Looked around the day who was piercing his clutches,

And with a mocking smile I said,

“ Look at my sweet heart smiling in happiness,

Look at her and learn who happiness can be spread,

Oh’ in her I see the happy thoughts about my verse,

Verses that praise her beauty both spiritual and material.”.


The day with a bowed head walked away,

And in the beauty left in mind by her, my heart danced,

Oh’ the evening joined me hand in hand,

And stayed long, showing light for my mind to sip,

Every bit of this happy day, slowly, steadily and fully.


Oh’ night with a warm smile came and caressed,

My cheeks and eyes showing far away stars,

The net of darkness closed inch by inch,

And away a wonderful dream carried,

Through the paths of sleep that lighted up,

With the memories of her beautiful smile.




Who is she? I don’t know.


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