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Loud and clear are thoughts. All can do this if they listen. Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Work, School, Vacations, Money, Children etc, etc. You name it, people get distracted from what they can and they should do. Then they whine and whine and whine like a teenage girl. For me no girlfriends, no boyfriends as I am not gay, I don’t care a lot about work and money as it comes and goes. In my knowledge no children, I go for vacation when I want to do it even if it is going to cost me a lot for loss of hours at work not when the boss tell me I can go, I don’t go to school as I am done learning crappy science and math, history written by stoned historians and other garbage they teach at school. In a nutshell none of these matters to me. None of these should matter to you anyone either. Still they are all tired by the end of the week.

    Last Friday I wrote this…. Then I thought… should I really post it. What will the world think that I spitting up in air lying on my back? Think whatever you want world, I am my own world.


A place I hang out during weekends. In the blazing heat, this place is a real comfort. The shades, greenery and walkway wow it is really poetic. 



Did the big bang brought to us light?

Or was it all dark like the sky before dawn?


I asked many questions, many, many times to thin air,

Stupidity has its limits, but stupidity keeps one sane,

Said I to myself as through another day I crawled,

Silly thoughts and weird actions Oh’ all crippled,

Mind and body way ahead of my age,

Still the glimmers of a glass half full found its way,

To my mind that thrived to find a way out,

From these spiraling events that gloomed in the summer heat.


Vulture I am when waiting is inevitable,

Evening shut down the sun far away in the west,

Through the window, while waiting for a thought to sleep with,

A cool breeze lost his way and upon my face landed,

Then like a subterranean Orchid bloomed, mind in thoughts woke,

And told me “The glass is not half full,

It was always full, as it remained untouched”.




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