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Mo Cuishle,

      For the first time your blessing did not worked for me. Haha… I am not sad or feeling bad. It took couple of months of communication for Maria to come to this conclusion. I know it was going south so I held on to the poems and let her make that choice. It just did not happen at all. Then I wrote to her what all things that can go wrong. One of the reasons she said really pissed me off but still I keep no anger. She was knowing that I am a Muslim way earlier and none talked about marriage at all so far. The second reason sounded silly from a 23 year old. Understand this… she started this relationship asking me am I interested in a short lean girl…. hehehe Here is the copy of the last email.

 Dear Riaz!
Your email made it absolutely clear to me that I have no right to hold  you. You need someone with whom you can build long -term relations. I’m not the one you need for a number of reasons. First, we won’t be able to get married as we belong to different religions. Nothing can be done about it.  Second, I’m too immature and inexperienced. I can give you nothing I can only take. This is not good for ideal relationships. I do care about you that’s why I say : move on. I’m really sorry. I should’ve told you this earlier. But I was infatuated with you and let my feelings carry me too far. Now the voice of reason tells me that I should let you go. You are an  extaordinary person and you deserve happiness which I cannot give you.  I’m sure you will find your love, darling.
Best wishes, Maria

Anyway thank you very much for the blessings and that wonderful comment. Your visit may be an accident as I know you won’t deliberately wake me up. You probably might’ve clicked on the pictures I posted. But still it felt good hearing from you. Thanks again.

Riaz Ahammed.



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  1. If it wasn’t meant to be, then what happened was for the best. From what I read, it seems like that was the best way for her to tell you that she wasn’t comfortable or happy with how the way things were going. Such things are inevitable, as unenjoyable as they often are.

    And once again, I am truly sorry for waking you up. I have random internet urges in the middle of the night and I go and surf around to some of my favorite places.

    Anyways, regardless of the fact that my blessing didn’t work, it doesn’t mean I can’t keep giving more. I wish you the most peaceful sleep and mind for as long as you may need it, and the best of luck with every hardship you encounter.

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