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Mad Tuesdays haha that’s what I always call Tuesdays. But nothing mad happened. Everything felt fast. Here is the poem. Now you will know why I held these poems back as those poems will be released one by one. It will tell you a pattern of events that repeats in my life. Read and try to understand. If you don’t understand then feel free to ask me. Okay..




The morning felt brittle on me as I woke,

Tranquility, Oh it was tranquility I felt,

Of my own mind from past miseries released.


Daytime passed me to unknown destinations,

Evening lingered to hear my mindless soliloquy,

Before my thoughts degenerated, the evening too left.


Fell asleep before darkness danced,

Then woke up into a deep dark night in hallucinations,

Oh’ what many nightmares I saw, I don’t know,

Memories recorded none, as none was worth,

Thought a little more and renewed this pledge I wrote,

A long time back in the dying nightingale’s song,

“ I will rather live as a broken hearted,

 Thank break any lovers heart”.


None to listen, none to see a silly mind’s vows,

Turned off the light to see the darkness in full,

And pleasant it all became when I saw Sirius far,

That gave me a thought of the future to come,

Then I said, “Even after billions of miles you traveled,

And many, many years passed, Oh’ light of Sirius, you still light,

The gloomy mind of this poet half asleep”

The light too gloomed as the half sleep became full.



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