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I am posting a set of poems. There were poems written about these days. Due to an unavoidable circumstance, I needed to get rid of those poems. So these are praising the beauty of some girls I know. They are amazing people I came to know over the internet. They are not bad people they also have ‘unavoidable circumstances’ so many things they do may not be good at all. Still the humans inside are clearly known when one really looks at their eyes.

I wanted this day to be over as soon as possible, I hate working on Fridays. Well… money the root of all evil is needed for material survival.  So I was at work and all through that day I was thinking about the poem I wrote. Lika again. The wonderful Lika and her talks in broken English. It is truly a pleasure looking at those eyes and smile. That’s what this poem is all about. Said that… there will be poems like this coming up. Yesterday I saw another girl. This is a blast from the past… I know this girl over the internet for nearly a year and half. She unlike Lika, speaks good English. Her name is Alexandra. When the turn of Yesterday comes you can see what she inspired me to write. Just by looking at her, in about an hour and half I wrote nearly a 100 lines praising the beauty of her face. That’ me… I only look at the face, smile and eyes, even if the girl go butt naked, because, I am poet, not a monster sex maniac. I seek to see beauty not nudity. I listen to the soul not the blabbering of the lusty talks.



Dragged my mind from dark dreams that haunted,
And to the mind I said to remember,
The wonderful face and soul nights before I saw,
And remember what in the language of heart I wrote.
And in the rhythm of the heart senses sung,

“From My Heart.

Waited I to see those eyes,
Waited I to see that smile,
Even when many faces passed me by,
Remembered I this beauty from memory.

Every emotion I’ve ever felt,
Anger, Sadness and Frustration,
All turn to pure passion that brings out poetry,
Such was your beauty Oh’ my darling.

In my days of innocence I thought,
What a miracle a rainbow is,
Now I know it is a reality of an illusion,
The illusion of the magnificence of light,
Oh’ how many wonders and miracles turned out to be,
The absolute perfection created,
And with beautiful illusions delivered,
I learned that lesson of truth,
When upon that face I looked,
When your eyes shown the beauty of your soul,
When your smiles of love blessed my soul.

Silent, silent O silent remain soliloquy,
Let me listen to the speech of a heart,
No alphabets, words or sentences weaved,
Only heart beats spoke to the mind,
Soul to soul when you spoke,
That upon your eyes dances with glow,
And float into the depths of a soul,
Soul that went astray,
Soul disowned and ignored,
That soul is my soul, which you caressed,
With beauty of your own soul.

A picture speaks a thousand words,
Every word you say paints a thousand images,
Images that paint in my mind,
And the essences of all senses merge,
To weave these words of praises in verse,
Words that paints your beauty in every mind,
Those words in the language of my heart,
A language in romance and love,
The world will feel ever after.”

Oh’ Lika, see you in real I may not,
But these verse in my mind sprouted,
Will soothe my mind with visions,
Vision with your face, eyes and smile, filled,
Even after the end of time.

Recited again and again my own verses,
What time was it I don’t remember,
When a dream about those eyes took me to flight,
In my sleep where I remained in smiles.



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