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I am posting a set of poems. There were poems written about these days. Due to an unavoidable circumstance, I needed to get rid of those poems. So these are praising the beauty of some girls I know. They are amazing people I came to know over the internet. They are not bad people they also have ‘unavoidable circumstances’ so many things they do may not be good at all. Still the humans inside are clearly known when one really looks at their eyes.

This is the first of the poems I wrote watching Alexandra, short form of that is Alexa that is said as Sasha. Creativity is the best part of this girl. Read the poem to know what she is. This poem is written in pieces and later joined together. Praising the beauty was the aim in writing it. So the core theme is the girl not events or situations but the structure of Yesterdays poems remain.


Out of my sleep I wandered,
Bright light and the modest wind welcomed,
Me to a weekend with beauty of its own filled.

Left the reality around to the virtual,
And in there as long as I can I stayed,
Oh’ a day lived in many ways by humanity,
I chose my way in perfect loneliness.

Then through the web of the world she came,
Sasha the dark haired, dark eyed beauty,
Upon her face the poet looked
And about her beauty in his own way he wrote.

“The weather so hot and mind in disarray,
The day in the heat melting even bones,
Oh’ in the tiredness here I sit,
A cool breeze in my mind I felt,
All through my body spreading is the feeling,
The feeling I feel when watching your smile.

The triumph of a knight I feel,
When heard those words of yours,
The glory of a saint I feel when these verse I write,
Verses that praise the beauty of yours,
Beauty of the words and deeds blended,
In the color of yours eyes and softness of your skin.

A silhouette of an angel in a dream I saw,
And the heat and noises disturbed my dream,
Sad I felt when incomplete the dream left,
That silhouette became real in perfection,
When I saw an image of charm and beauty exceptional,
The image is your face, Sasha.

Countries and continents I traveled,
Faces of all kinds I saw,
To relive those moments many beauties memories kept,
Those moments and memories into one face dissolved,
When I saw your face with essence filled,
Essence of everything beautiful I saw.

Darkness and light, Oh’ meaningless they are,
When the glory of your charm upon nature spread,
Your charm beyond every boundary extends,
And heals every wound of the broken hearts,
For the sight of such beauty, I thank you God.”

The poet never goes astray,
When beauty of her kind smiles,
The poet never slept, even though the body snored.


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