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Mo Cuishle,
    She asked me whom did I had my last crush on… I told your name and said you are the best poet I’ve read in recent times. That raised the question of where can she see your poems. I know you write only once in a while. So I said I will get the poems and came to your site and collected the poems. I will let her know what you said. About that Russian poet… I’ve never heard about  that poet before. Even though I have read a lot of Russian literature translations into English.
      Very exciting day Mo Cuishle, my book cover came and it is going to print next week. It will be released in another 6 to 8 weeks. That’s what I understand now.     
   Alrighty…. I need to get back to the meeting from which I got out saying that, I have an important email to reply. When my PDA started saying. “Doh..The Mail Is Here” hehehe
Have a great day dear.

Riaz Ahammed.

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