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I told in an earlier post that when the turn of this day 08/15/06 comes you will see what I wrote about Sasha again when I met her on Tuesday. I never thought I will write this much but it went on and on and she encouraged me to write more. If you try to read and get a connection between paragraphs you may not find any. As each paragraph stands on its on. The core of it all is the beauty of Sasha. That’s what I am saying. The whole poem is 163 lines long. It was written in approximately two hours. So if you find any glitches, please let me know.


The cover design of my book “Age Of Survival”.


Woke up I earlier than the morn,
Traced my dreams and took notes,
Some gave a chill in my mind,
Many filled with faces unknown.

Daytime Angels scratch their head,
What blessing should they bring,
To this man who in poetry, lives,
And daytime passed with mocking smiles,
At the Angels who were perplexed by my boggling mind.

The Angels of evening came with a smile,
Try to tell me stories through whispers of my soul,
Said I “Repeat not these stories unrealistic,
In they I once lost, hunting for a girl who never existed.”

Then the soul to me said.
“The virtual world the spread happy thought,
Go there to see the dark eyed beauty,
Who whispers not but through her eyes speak,
Whispers of her soul you write, recite and joyfully repeat”
“Yeah” I said and to her world I went,
Oh’ the wonder I was in and she made me write,
Verses praising her soul and beauty in rarity found.

“Smiles, greetings, in words and looks,
Calm in sound and gestures that speaks more,
Upon you, I see the special language,
The language of the heart unto mine spoken,
The mystifying beauty well preserved,
Oh, to my mind I say, Gladness is what you are.

“Open O senses, Open up” I said,
When I saw your face like a blooming Orchid,
“With her smile we are all open”, senses, said,
Unknowing to everyone will all remain,
That’s the magic of your beauty,
In calmness of beauty mind and soul you captures,
And holds forever in the ecstasy of passions unknown.

Reality, Oh’ how ugly it can be,
Busy work days, haunting deadlines,
Mind thrives to grow but captive held,
In illusions by wilderness material,
And then came and saw you who released,
A mind from the captivity of that wilderness,
With glow of eyes shown to soul,
And with heart warming smiles purifies,
The ugly realities of all living she knows.

The brightness of sun, gone,
The singing winds far away flown,
The blossoms died and fallen,
And eyes filled as mind emptied,
Oh’ like candle light in flickering seen,
Two glows through dark paths seen,
A warmth felt in the angelic notes played,
One by one desires fulfilled,
Those glows, every second, to the light of passions grew,
And the warmth all over kissed,
Then in surprise, hard I looked,
The glows were from those dark eyes,
The notes played were the words you said… O Sasha.

Artificial are the colors I have seen,
As upon you only one color I’ve seen,
The glow from a world I’ve never known,
Yeah, your beauty so unearthly,
The charm so humanly spread,
With every blink of those eyes, wonderful.

Oh’ no color you need to show,
The beauty in perfection upon you reside,
No colors need to show the world, the beauty of your soul.

The symbol of love you are,
In every theme, love has only one face,
It is the face in bloom that stays forever in my mind,
The face that fills senses and emotions, that’s your face.

Countless are the images in my mind imprinted,
Countless are the dream in my mind born,
Just by seeing your eyes and smile, O Sasha

The tunes of romance I hear,
The truth of romance I see,
The wonder of passions I feel,
In the magnificence of the beauty you show.

Greater the feeling, when the more I see,
As deeper my heart you touch,
With passions from your soul,
There is nothing comparable to you, God created

The depth of your beauty is known,
When from the soul you speak,
True passion is known,
When upon your eyes I look,
Yours is the beauty mankind always welcome,
As the greatest blessing of all time,
Then we all will sleep,
Forever in dreams about you.

In the simplicity of that dress you hide,
But the beauty shown from the depth of your soul,
Lovely you remain in every color,
And the complexity of life forgotten,
In every move you make,
As angelic blessings finds its path through you.

Drag along O my body, drag along,
As with her, senses and mind sings,
And every dream dances in the beauty she shows,
As every dream of mine born from that beauty, enchanting.

Your beauty spreads like milkyway,
Far, far away, still brightens up the dark,
Where resides billions of stars, in wonders unknown.

Oh’ around me I see clouds covering the sun,
And the cool of the coming fall wrapping me,
With your smile you shower more light than the sun,
Through your words you warm up my heart.

Water in tides flowing,
And over the waves I see the gloomy sun diving,
The beauty of nature fails to impress,
When to the tunes from heart you dance,
Such was the beauty you spread,
Where senses dissolve into verses of love.

The dark clouds wrap me with the dark of night,
The wind cooling down after the warmth of the evening,
And through my mind your beauty spread,
Brightening every bit of dark that wraps around,
Dancing with the wind around.

Oh’ how wonderful God’s creations are,
Everything for a reason born, live and die,
When seeing you I understand,
The only reason I was born for,
To see and enjoy such perfect, poetic creation of God.

Oh with every move my mind you fill,
With dreams unseen by mankind,
The living legend you are,
The fulfillment of every dream I see…

Remember you I will Oh’ you my dear,
Even when to the silent lands I will travel,
Remember every move,
Remember every words,
But that smile still will give a glow,
Glow of life through my life to eternity.

Oh’ if I were a tune, only in your mind I will be born,
Only through your lips I will be sung,
If I were a verse, only in your mind I will be inspired,
Only in your words I will be weaved,
As the beauty in perfection you are.

Little by little, I know you more and more,
Even when in the middle of the crowd,
In my mind your image grows,
Oh’ such was the sensation of your beauty,
As my mind will sure end as your face.

Oh’ my mind the completion of the perfection,
Of every beauty upon her you see,
See the end of all beautiful things,
See her and absorb, as perfect verse is all she inspire,
As there is no better image to look and be inspired.

The summer wiped away the spring,
Now the warm days of summer fades away too,
As the chilled drops of fall, all around me fall,
But scent and colors of spring and the warmth of summer,
Oh’ everlasting they live upon the beauty of yours Sasha.

Every time a poem is read, new meanings come in mind,
Every time a painting is seen, newness of a masterpiece is seen,
Every time upon you I look, a new poem is born,
Every time upon you I look, colors of star light paint new images,
Images of heavens dipping the brush in my mind,
As the beauty of yours became,
The essence of my mind, O Sasha.”

Tired I were not when she went away,
As in the ecstasy of my verse work I flown,
Oh’ night I’ve known not in her enchantment,
And out of it all came when the blessing I felt,
Of morning Angels in fairness from the east came.

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