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Tuesday 08/22/06… I thought something mad will happen. Nothing mad happened… I loved the day. 

    There are people who love happiness, there are people who live happiness, then there are those who wish for happiness. The best part of fate is, it keeps on rotating people through the love, living and wish of happiness. Just some thoughts that’s all.


The picture above was taken in Milwaukee, during a lunch on July 3, 2006. From left… Prabhakar Thangaraj, His fiance Vera Kimmie, Deepak Prabhakar, Me and Nitin Srivastava. Vera sent me the picture yesterday only. If someone ask me who all are the Indians I like other than my family.. Here are they. Vera is Russian. The rest of the 1 billion people…… I don’t want to say it.



There were times when I thought,

All mornings are alike,

But they are not alike I realized,

As in thoughts and strength the morning gathered,

Me into a day with ‘Eyes Of Lika’ in sight.


Oh’ the way this mind she inspires,

With her thoughts, talks and looks,

Even my own bad luck and fate shy away,

And looking upon that beauty I wrote.


“My mind in disarray,

My words unarranged,

My passions in gloom,

Yearning to see those eyes so wonderful,

Now in full bloom of your beauty I see,

Those eyes tell me to calm my mind,

In calm, here now,

I feel the sweetness of your eyes.


Away on another side of the globe you may be,

But that soul so wonderful to extend beyond boundaries,

In connections unknown to mankind,

Lika, in thoughts about you I always remain blessed,

Though with the pain of waiting.


Lash at me O rain I screamed,

Blast at me O wind, I yelled,

As far from the oceans they came,

In them felt I the smell of your skin,

In them the whispers of a soul I heard,

To them a song I sung,

About how blessed in your thoughts I am,

Song only your soul can hear.


Drag I must away from you,

And even when in obligations when I drown,

Remember I will those eyes and sweet words,

Pray for you and everything you love,

In every breath from now on till we meet again.”


Rest of the day in the power of those verses I spent,

As in the emotional process of writing verse,

All strength of the day mind gathered,

And before God with gratitude I bowed.


The evening with smiles I spent,

Then to Sasha, said I, ‘Hi’

Watching the glory upon that face, aristocratic,

And chatting to her welcoming the night I wrote.


“The Light Of My Happiness.


The nature stood still,

The world fast moved,

None noticed the clouds dark, gathered,

The natural silence broken,

From between the clouds came lightning,

Vaporizing everything dark,

Brightening horizons and minds,

Harmless, pleasant and enchanting,

Your smile it was I watched.


Oh’ to the dark I asked, Why hate light,

To the fire I asked, Why hate water,

To bitterness I asked why hate sweetness,

To your mind I ask, why you hate hatred.


Oh’ such beautiful eyes you have,

If you close them, love will fill with darkness,

Oh’ such beautiful smile you have,

If you don’t smile, sadness will fill

Every heart in this world and heavens.


Such is a the pleasantness of a beauty,

Every thought I will gather,

And in it I will dip my quill and write,

The pleasure, passions and purity of her,

Who from her heart smiles,

From her soul speaks

And with her beauty bless.


With the spread of her charm,

Every breath of her outlives time,

Without her breath time will go astray


The stars swear to blink upon your eyes,

The flowers swear to bloom with your smile,

Oh’ every bit of nature in imitation of your beauty thrives,

And to you I say, blessed I am.”


The night stood still watching,

The pleasantness upon my face and in my heart,

Liked I many, seen, unseen and they all said,

“Great man are you, wonderful poet” and left,

And the words of my dad I remembered,

“Sometime God takes you to strange places,

In strange paths, before strange people,

And in strange ways to make you happy,

Are you happy and thankful is all that matters”


Nothing I remembered of the day as those words echoed,

In my mind as sleep caught me by ears and took,

Into the depths of peace and rest.




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