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I speak the truth, nothing but the truth, unconditionally… I think many are back in the school room, many missing faces, and the ever changing mind looks around to find a bit of peace. Don’t worry… you are all fine. I know that, but that little bug sitting your chest and biting you know will stay, the rest of your life. True friendship is hard to find, I myself lost two of my best friends forever. In the era of high speed communication keep in touch with all those who gone away. Find time… may be in a video chat you may get only time to say ‘Hi how are you doing” The answer may be only “Fine… gotta go” still the gesture of hearing and seeing is indeed priceless. Keep in touch with each other folks.

  This poem… in the new hotel I couldn’t sleep much and last Tuesday morning I got up and sat on my bed took my laptop and started typing in, it didn’t came out well at all. I left it and came back in the evening and took my wood pen and ink and wrote it down. It came as follows. Now… if things don’t look good when I write, I go back to basics… I write on paper, or start reading my favorite authors poems again aloud. It helps to get the mind to get into a good rhythm. I like this poem.

Now some days back I posted this song here called ‘Loved I’ by a band from Kazakhstan. Maria Alexanderovna that’s the right way I should say her name. The one who found the song for me gave me more information. The band consists of three girls. The song itself is not just Russian, it is mixture of Russian and Kazakh language. Here I am posting the song again. Me and my Costa Rican friend Marco Avalos are hearing this song again and again. I burned just this song in a CD and put it in my car driving around. As there is only one song it keeps on repeating. hehehe

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Like abstract art with crayons the morning drawn,

The meaning of the day to come,

The images mind still absorbed,

Though the meanings unknown,

As the feelings of the Monday, newborn,

Into mind only pleasantness brought.

From the comfort never ending,

Away my mind I dragged,

As the chariots of the work-day fast moved.

Oh’ so many faces seen all through the day,

At work, during breaks and at lunch,

The eagerness to live better and more,

Oh’ in the emotions of everyone seen.

At my smiling face they all looked,

And away all of them walked,

The meaning of an open hearted smile,

In the busy material life, understood not.

There were those thoughts in pause,

Waited and waited for what, unknown,

But tired and incomplete they too drowned,

In the naughty evening’s abstract art.

The optimistic mind kept on searching,

Amid colors and patterns for meanings,

And in the end at future perplexed,

Like a child watching the eclipse, mind stood.

The meaning of a lonely man was all I understood.

Sleep waited for me to lie down,

And facepalm, within my mind I prayed,

Everything I love, dead to living, known and unknown,

Finishing the prayer to the right I turned,

And upon my heart my hand I kept,

And for everything that love me I prayed,

My mother, brothers, sister, nephews and nieces,

By that time the impatient sleep stole,

Consciousness into the depth of her kingdom rightfully,

As sure I am not about the existence of any,

Who truly love me, unconditionally.


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