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Anger, I have a lot of it. In recent times I thought I tamed that monster in me. All came out and danced on my chest. For three days I waited to see Sasha after she told me to write more. I have had these ideas in my mind which I want to develop during the chat with her. Well alas… my internet connection went ….kaboom… I can connect but the picture and chat started to freeze. That’s it… well I am right… the monster is much tamed now. Back in my younger days, I used to kick away my laptop. Now… no kicking but just pulling some gray hair… that’s all. Anger in one way is good. The end for anger in me is pathetic. Very rare people have seen it. It will end with tears. It did this time too after yelling at the tech support guys for more than half an hour. What is the good of it… nice poetry… Read the poem.. you will know.


Me at the River Front Barge… Shaun was about to take my picture and started playing around with the camera. This is me trying to tell him to give back the camera. At that time he took the picture and told that is one action photo of yours other than all the uptight ones. I liked the picture. mmmm even the crow thinks her kid is the golden one.



To the sun in the morn, many people pray,

For the blessings in material he brings,

They know not, the sun is just another creation.


Waking up, the sun in full blast I saw,

For the sun, his well being, a prayer I said,

And into the day stepped, by the sun brightened.


Oh’ Thursdays and me have sexual tensions,

Long before about sex I ever thought,

She just don’t get tamed and to her tune I dance not.


My choices Oh’ wild they may be,

Heard no word, said little, Oh’ the day, fast I left,

As in mind thoughts about meeting a girl throbbed.


A girl so wonderful, she always amazes,

“Oh’ Sasha, I wait and wait for you,

As in thoughts about you I drown” said I.


To see her, chat with her I went,

But the digital world smiled mockingly,

And her image upon my screen froze.


I left her and in disappointment, sat,

Every thought about her from me melting,

Into the pages over flown.


“Sasha-The Poetry Of A Poet.


Unknown faces and fantasies passed,

Unheard stories in tunes I sung,

Glory of a beautiful mind I praised,

But faceless remained all my thoughts,

Then like a flower upon a cactus you came,

Painting faces upon every dream of mine,


Each face in my dreams, a tune in counter point sung,

In the rhythm of my heart,

And my heart in the ecstasy of love flourished,

Every feeling of mine you took,

And made songs with your own thoughts,

A line of mine along with a line of yours,

In structure and rhyme makes,

Feelings of ours, the perfect poetry.


The dancing wind whispered and I heard not,

The passing time screamed and my ears I shut,

As meaningless all became,

When the sweet voice of yours I heard,

Time passed unnoticed,

Wind came back and listened to what you said,

Then to my ears wind sung,

“The meanings beyond the words she said,

Are the ones with beat of your heart rhymes,

And in those rhymes I get the rhythm,

To dance through times and I will sing,

Songs about her love and beauty of her,

Brightening horizons and souls,

Even after everything material perishes away”


Oh’ every time you I watch,

A kaleidoscopic view I see,

The bits and pieces of life you gather,

And a new pattern of theme you show,

Turning my view and soul,

With every move of yours,

Creating a new theme to my dreams,

Every time I my view you come.


Defiant I tried to make myself feel,

To speak ill of you, to my conscience I said,

Defiance perished away,

When your smile I saw,

And my conscience shutdown pledging,

Never to speak to me,

When at the dark eyes of yours I looked.

Never can I forget the face of yours.


To anger I said, bye, bye,

To sadness I said, I am sorry,

When they departed upon your arrival,

Oh’ my mind you captured,

With beauty of simplicity, and character of purity,

Oh’ my life you with words weave,

And through my senses you deliver,

And through your gestures and music,

The expression of your beautiful soul.


Oh’ every word I write,

Upon you they shower,

And absorbing beauty down they fall and gather,

As the best verses of mine,

Every word you say,

Consume my mind and blossoms,

My mind like a red rose feeling,

The early morning mist of Spring.


When the colors of dawn and dusk I saw,

About your face memories spoke,

When I saw the red rose bloom,

About your lips memories spoke,

When Cardinal sang her tune,

About your voice memories spoke,

My material eyes and ears will die away,

But senses and soul never will die,

In my senses your face, lips and voice will remain,

And verses praising your face, lips and voice

The undying soul will always recite.


Oh’ your voice and face I missed,

When digital magnificence of internet messed,

And sadness clouded and in there myself I buried,

Then with closed eyes from my mind I played,

Every memory of yours in my mind engraved,

And with those memories my way I found,

To the happy moments to me you gave.”


 Oh’ frustration and anger that in my mind filled,

About the internet that disconnected,

All in the thoughts and verse I wrote, erased.


Through the window into the depth of dark I looked,

And once more decided I,

To throw my consciousness into the depth of dark sleep.



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