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A busy weekend…. Norest… The poet don’t remember to rest. With a kind of vengeance Iworked. Then there was no more work. Then I started working onwebsites. The LonelyPoet.Com.Ru was setup in Google. Now I have GMailfor that domain. Now a lot of work as there are no pages in that site.I may redirect that site to this Xanga site. If so I got to find morework. Haha… workaholic… I am feeling good. Really… I feel good.

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 Thispoem… 08/27/06. I wrote this long time back in the busy work days andrest days I myself even forgot where did I left that first draft. ThenI found one piece of it. Then last night another piece of it. I lookedall around for the last part. Today I remembered I didn’t wrote thelast part, just had it in my mind all these time. Finished it. Here ismy darlings and dudes, enjoy. And all of you get to your favoriteonline book store and buy my book… hehehe.. cheap self promotion isn’tit? Well… I am the “lonelypoet” self promotion is the only thingavailable for me. Hehehe…

Have a great week ahead of you all everyone.


“Have a good morning” said the moon and bade farewell,

The morning will be good the sun with warmth declared,

That never got me out of my bed but with arrogance I slept,

By noon the slowly creeping in fall weather got the sun tamed,

And to the cool wind I asked,

“Why you alone bring me cold?

When the rest of the living gives,

Only heat upon the face and inside the mind?”


Then about the living I thought,

Oh’ they race for the material well being,

A race I thought many-a-times I lost and stopped,

Then after mirages knowing what they were, continued.


Oh’ when the living fell and rot,

Bury then away and the race continues,

Those who loved, in tears may pray,

Those who cared not, spit and walk away.


To the buried, the hollow meaning of life will be known,

As the material being back to earth dissolves,

No actions, no wealth and no beauty will be known,

As everything becomes dust from where we were born.


Still in the middle of the crowd I race,

The worst of all criminals I am,

As with knowledge I still wander around,

Going round and round, trying to bite, a tail nonexistent,

Smiling blushingly at all who cared to watch,

Then again back to my own mockery I return.


The morning was good, so the noon time, so said the evening,

“Define the good, and in that definition stay,

Mock your own conscience with blunders of the world,

And bury yourself in dark, dream filled sleep, meaningless,

Even the sleep is another race to be won isn’t it?”


As with questions answerless the evening danced away,

Listening to many tunes rested I,

Then to the “Another Race” evening said I approached,

Remembering many faces to the bed I said,

“All gone only darkness remain,

And to the depth of dark, you take me,

Every night, hate you not O bed, hate you not,

As when I wake up and see light afresh,

Reminded I will be about how wonderful,

The light upon all those faces passed.”


Then leaving silence to loom I bade farewell,

To my conscious being.


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Here is my latest toy…..

The Sprint Palm Treo 700wx.
I love it, it is far better than what I expected of it.

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