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On 08/28/06 I had a lot of thoughts about many things I usually don’t want to remember. This poem is all about those thoughts. I started writing from the middle of the poem. It went on like centralized formatted lines, from the middle both ways. It also have something very unusual about my writing. Go figure. Hahaha, if you are a constant reader of my poems you will understand what it is.

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Another morning to my life came,

Wind singing songs with sun’s might,

But mind far from all, in thoughts became,

A battle field, where conscience and soul fight.

Trauma in life, O unreal I always thought,

Mind and body in real and fantasy it stalks,

What my mind through the journey brought,

As in unjust passions all real feelings lost.

The story of a mind I write,

When empty inside I feel,

Oh’ in a day in every way bright,

Pain from my mind slowly peel.

Long ago when around seaside I walked,

When smaller were the footprints I left,

Never did my legs I let to be soaked,

But the footprints I left by the waves swept.

And in those days to yesterdays never I looked,

But in these days, to those days my mind I scan,

Nothing unusual to my mind hooked,

Elusive, from the waves I always ran.

In pain, though in my mind I cried,

Only myself in every way to blame,

And all the ways to reach back to life I tried,

Only the left out feeling with more pain came.

In my garden no flowers bloomed,

Even as the spring time long ago passed,

All the buds I have seen left me in gloom,

And to myself no questions I asked.

Oh’ summer only leave more warmth and drought,

Though bright the sun only left blazing heat,

Oh’ in my own soul many times I sought,

And the answers exist in every heart beat.

Of souls that I in arrogance left,

Oh only darkness all around and inside feel,

As another time my elusive feet dried I kept,

Oceans far away, wounds self inflicted, deep and unhealed.

When will I see the ocean again I know not,

As another day to night bade farewell,

For my soul what prayer I should say I know not,

Entering virtual death to everything I too bade farewell


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