How Are You?

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Mo Cuishle,

     How are you
doing? I feel like the last I heard from you was one and half year ago. I guess
you are busy with school and work. Anyway an old friend of yours felt curious
to know how you are, that all. 

No matter what you do, do not forget to consume the joy of
the moment. There is joy in every moment. You need to seek it and feel it, in
your heart.

Convey my regards to your mom and Billy. 

Riaz Ahammed.

One Reply to “How Are You?”

  1. Hello Riaz.

    At the moment, I’m actually at school. (AP Computer Sciences class). And I am very tired. As to how I am…I’m not sure. There are times where I find myself happier than ever, yet the emotion that’s constantly underlying it all is almost always discontent. Perhaps something in the near future will show me why.

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