Power Of Sadness

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Here is an offline message my brother sent me earlier today.


Guide:I welcome u all to the Niagra falls. These are the world’s largestwaterfalls & the sound intensity of the waterfall is so high, soundof even 20 supersonic planes passing can’t be heard! Now may I requestthe ladies to keep quiet so that we can hear the Niagra Falls?


Hereis a poem, I wrote last week when I heard a very good friend of my feltsad. Sadness is a very powerful feeling. As it opens up opportunitiesmaterially and opens up senses to enhance one spiritually. Once thecircle is complete not only one will feel happy and satisfied, but alsoenlightened and achieved.

  Asthis poem is written for a Xanga friend. I added three more lines inthe beginning from the original version. Now I dedicate this poem toher…. This poem is for you Mo Cuishle. As it is from Xanga I wrote thispoem. It will be available exclusively on Xanga.

 You all enjoy whatever remains of this weekend, Sunday and of course those who celebrate Columbus day.


Power Of Sadness.


Thoughts when weaved as dreams,

And dreams so close to reality,

But when in color and texture fades,

Heaviness of a lifetime together comes,

Ah’ every breath feels all through the body,

What thought as magic merges,

Into oblivion as mere mirages,

And emptiness inside the heart squeezes,

To find a way out but forever imprisoned.


Sadness, Oh’ the powerful feeling it is,

When with clarity every sense waits,

To gather every bit of pleasantness around,

And in celebration will make mind an oasis,

Scatter not, Oh’ soul, scatter not,

As the storm of pain will pass by,

And smiles, evergreen, upon face will blossom,

Then freed will be the emptiness,

And inside heart will fill,

Joy in dance, lightening heaviness everlastingly.



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