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Written out of sheer frustration. Well… the paragraph “Oh’ in gladness you smile” was written long time back and the rest of the poem was added before and after in the last couple of days. Yes, when I am frustrated I write about beautiful things. When happiness overwhelms me, I write about sadness and anger and frustration. I hope everyone is enjoying good weather and good times with their loved ones. I rested this day…. I slept at about 4:00 in the morning. Then woke up at 6:23 in the morning again and prayed. Then slept at around 7:00 in the morning till 3:00 in the afternoon. So one can imagine how relaxed I am. Good for me. Haha…


Have a great week ahead of you all.


The Oasis Of Beauties.


The dry winds of days and cold of nights

The dust filling and covering even the depths of soul,

Cloudless, no greenery seen, no songs of birds,

Oh’ lifeless became every bit of senses.


Slowly through deserted paths I walked,

The call of the Ravens in distance I heard,

The call of the dead as old folks in my childhood days said,

But for the empty ears, Ah’ what a relief.


The paths broadened and softness under foot felt,

Life always will find its way,

Some old folks in youthful days said,

But what came to my senses was just not life.


The shine of every green growth upon your eyes seen,

The shine of every star upon your skin glowed,

The dance of all fairies seen when your lips moved,

The sound of all spring time birds united in every word you spoke,


Oh’ in gladness you smile,

And with happiness you dance,

Feelings of a new kind were born,

With your face in every bit filled,

In the amazement my mind float,

Watching the glory of beauty of the best kind, 

And in fulfillment of a dream enlightened I am.


Through the light, love and passions shown,

I passed through the valleys of wonders unheard,

Everything beautiful in lost meanings faded,

As everything beautiful in union merged,

Into the depths of your soul when you said,

Those words of love in which my soul too dissolved,

As you became the oasis of all beauties.



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