The Loving Soul.

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All day, day before yesterday I thought of many ideas towrite about. There are a lot of them and in the end I did not wrote anything.Late night I went online and was voice chatting with my brother. Afterfinishing the voice chat at about 1:30AM I sat in my chair in thought about theday. Then I got want I wanted to write in my head, I just typed the followingpoem in to my word processor.


TheLoving Soul.

<>All in the universe the sun faced,
Like a gladiator in the coliseum long time back,
Far away from the heat of his anger,
A world of beauty in way unique stood.

Like drunken teens many objects wobbling around,
And in the center of all pulling strings he stood,
None goes out any further away from his grasp,
And the blue beauty too steadily moved around.

What wonders we were given,
And how many miracles save us everyday,
Silent many times, blinded most of the time,
We move on and on into our own oblivion.

Oh’ we see more passion in politics and religion,
Romance and sex, wealth and wine,
We create our own drama unscripted,
Fall apart when what next to play unknown.

Many stories end in tragedy,
Many go unknown to mankind,
Many go heard and seen but undecided,
And there are those who were by others judged,
They all leave a good or evil remark upon our soul.

The sun, mighty he may be,
Such is his glorious power,
Every aspect of life he controls,
Using time as a God given gift.

The only thing upon which no power to sun God gave,
Is by looking upon every eye what I always seek,
The soul of a human which only humans can understand,
Such is the power of the soul I know,
That by loving can blind even the mighty sun.

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