Praising Thankfulness.

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It is yet another Christmas day that is approaching us. Thesedays are wonderful and I enjoyed it from a very younger age. I was born andbrought up in a state in Indiawhere there are a lot of Christians and I studied in a Catholic School.Additionally as a Muslim I have great respect for Jesus, one of the greatprophets according to our belief. Prophet or God or Son Of God, let the worldbelieve in the way they want. I have my beliefs and I live according to thatbelief. None can sway that belief. That independence is what makes us humans.The ability to make that choice of what one feels right. It is not anyone elsethat should decide what is right for you. It is you who should decide what isgood for you without harming the good of others. If what one feels as good isnot meant for you or it will harm another persons good. It is better to relinquishthe benefit of the good than pursuing that good in a selfish way. How manypeople have a bit of good remains in them is a question people ask left andright these days using different words. In a way the open dialogue is a goodway of understanding each other and avoids bloody conflicts. Anything more Isay will be a political comment that may take a dialogue into an argument. I amnot in for it.

   My point is, no oneis sure on which day Jesus was born. It is not clear. I don’t care that is myresponse. What I care about it is December 25th which is commonlyaccepted as the birthday of Jesus and people are celebrating that day inhappiness. That is all it matters. Are you happy this Christmas? if yes shareit with everyone possible. If not, find someone who can share a bit ofhappiness with you. That’s the spirit of this season, which is indeed thespirit of humanity. That’s how we should live every day of the year. I hope andpray that conflicts and murder in the name of God will be over soon and we allunite in the color of our blood than fight and die in the evil of anger againsteach other.

This poem: I don’t really show the world what I write aboutmy beliefs and prayers. This is one rare occasion I am showing it to you all aprayer which I wrote as a poem. This poem is dedicated to all who believe thatwe have more things in common as humans than in the difference of our inhumanbehavior. 

I may or may not come with another poem this weekend. If notI don’t want miss saying this aloud.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah Everyone. 


Therosary beads in the hand rolling,

Thepages of the holy book turning,

Thechant of the verses and prayers,

Echoingall around the nature,

BelieverI am, in faith drown and forget,

Thematerial filth as body we carry.

Thepresence of the Almighty’s light every one seeks,

Intothe depth of spiritual pleasure where it leads,

Oin love for you Almighty, spiritual mind thrives,

Andforever in your compassion this life drives.

Andin praising thankfulness every moment I live,

Asin every situation you alone I praise.

Youalone in faith I trust,

Asyou alone is the absolute truth

Forgiveme O you the compassionate,

Forgiveme, or in darkness I may plunge.

Evenif punishment is what you give,

Withsmiles of pleasantness I will receive,

Asin the satisfaction of yours always happy I will be,

Andno darkness can pierce into the faith of mine,

Asin my faith filled in, is the light of yours O Almighty.

Inpraising thankfulness to you, every moment I will live,

Asin every condition you alone I praise.

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