The Beauty Indescribable

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Christmas came and went away; it was not just another day. I started partying like two days before. Woooo I might have said woooo a lot in the last two three days. It was that good. I am not a person to stand back and watch the enjoyment. I did that last year this year the best enjoyment I had was myself.

The party will restart after the Eid prayers on Saturday. Eid Al Adha  the festival of sacrifices. I will give more information on this next Friday. This is going to be a long, long week waiting for the weekend to come. Enjoy the week everyone.

Hypocrisy, that’s what I said after writing this poem. I wrote it by looking into the beauty of one girl but with a totally different girl in mind. The beauty I looked at is Sasha, so the poem was initially named as “Sasha: The Beauty Indescribable”. The beauty that was in my mind I don’t want to talk about things that were already spoken many a times. It is just that there are echoes of senses that remain. I don’t know how long it will remain. I only know it is still there.

I made slight modifications from the original version which I first posted in LonelyPoet.Org. This poem will be part of a collection of poems I call “Romantic Feelings”.

The Beauty

The autumn morning with hazy fog,
To gloom my mind tried,
The trees stood still,
The wind overslept,
The warmth of the sun, leashed,
Even in first phase of the morn, tired I felt,
Then the thoughts about the evening came,
When your face again I will see,
Oh’ with you in mind I walked,
The fog and drizzle, away they parted,
And clear became my paths,
And bright became my day.

When at last, your face I saw,
Erupt from the depth of my soul, gladness,
To that glorious moment of your birth I salute,
And all who were blessed with your touch, I admire,
Daylight and moonlight find their meanings,
From the glory, from your body sprout.

The singing birds they all left,
But tunes they sung, in mind remained,
The warmth of summer left,
But warm inside and out I felt,
When for a moment away from your thoughts I slipped,
Cold I felt inside and out, silent became my mind,
Then to conscience I apologized,
And in penance said your name a thousand times.

The coming freeze weather I fear not,
The howling wind scare me not,
The imprint of your eyes in mind,
Oh’ every fear away they melt.
But mind forever will wait,
For of that silly spring’s arrival
When dreams along with flowers bloom,
In the caressing morning mist

The mornings, flowers and nature as a whole,
I connect in imagery to describe,
Feelings of mine about the beauty of yours,
Every word I write and all images everyone feels,
Oh’ they all birthed from the beauty of yours,
Now to that beautiful soul I say,
“The beauty indescribably you are,
For what I feel overwhelms,
Every expression possible”.

You are the loveliness any poet will succumb to,
You are the beauty that outlives every imagination,
You are the amazement of all joy
The beauty flawless define,
What eyes must see,
What scent to smell,
What sound to hear,
Then in enchantment bless.

To every lovely dream I’ve seen I say
“O rest away all of you,
As about this beauty, verses I weave,
That fulfills every dream of mine,
And from each of those dreams rise
A hundred more lines of verse,
Each line fills every heart that reads,
And in fulfillment you all they will see”.


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