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A year passed us by, it had its ups and downs and it is immaterial to talk about everything. There are those who in resolutions live the early days of a new year. One can see them all around. Some in gyms, others even in the blistering cold running around, there are others who are squeezing their hands and heads dealing with the withdrawal effects of tobacco and alcohol. Then after couple of weeks they all get back to normalcy understanding that the New Year day was just another day in which we celebrated newness out of nothing new. In all honesty, we have every right to celebrate every day of our life like a New Years day. Humanity may have its wilderness to curse them with. However the innovations and cooperation we see around us beats every generation ever lived. We have come a long way from brutal past. If someone is thinking that there is something new. That newness must be in the unity and prosperity of us all beyond, culture, color and languages. That’s what I celebrated on New Years day and to everyone my heartfelt thankfulness in making the year gone by a year to remember till the end of my life. It is late but may you all have a wonderful new year that you will remember and make others remember till the end of their lives.


This Poem: Many might have thought that the collections of “Yesterdays” poems are done. Nope, I am back finishing them. The first part of this poem was written the very next day after the date. The rest I finished today. Enjoy





The last phase of the night galloped away victorious,

The morning in gloom stood still,

And the star of the day in summer days so glorious,

Biting some bad luck as his brightness dimmed,

In an autumn morning that took the beauty from some virgin’s eyes.


Duck bacon, corn bread and green tea,

All with a good feeling in my stomach filled,

Then through the autumn morning I walked,

To see and with nature weep,

Over the death of greenery from her top.


The balding trees looked at the lonely me,

With more sadness than me who at them looked,

And I smiled and told “my body will never fall,

Into the hands and tools of a carpenter,

But Oh’ tree don’t be sad but be proud,

To stand upright, grow and branch out on your own,

As in all care and carelessness, I never learned,

To be on my own and now in loneliness weep.


The bare naked branches a bit swayed,

In the cold but light hearted breeze from west,

And to the day I spoke not,

As our romance long time back broke,

Oh’ snail paced she went without murmuring anything bad.


The eve of Thursday started well,

When evening looked like a belly dancer in the banks of Nile,

Filled with eroticism of a tantric witch from east,

And the sanctity of a blue eyed girl from the Siberian north,

Oh’ she consumed me with her beauty with the ecstasy of dusk.


Sun got better luck in the evening than the morning clouds,

And the golden light lightened minds across the plains,

Scaring away the ghosts of memories of wild past days,

And welcomed night as the glory of another part of time,

Than the dark curse when mankind into virtual death plunge.


Looked deep into the molding dark,

Where shapes of all kinds in hallucinations seen,

Somewhere in mind said, the end of one part of life.

Oh’ I wonder what more remaining to be felt,

And I have only five senses to feel it all.


Night tightened his dark grip on time,

And sleep crept through every sense of mine,

Before I gave myself away once more thought,

About my own wild youthful days,

Then to another thought I found a bit more time,

That said, “These days are no different than those days,

When wild thoughts and action in sync lighted dark nights,

There isn’t a hurdle that stands between you and your life,

May it be wild, weird or the worst in the eyes of world,

Never let the freedom of thought with aging morality”.


No more I thought as I decided,

It is time for another wonderful ride of life,

As I turned to my right and under the sheets,

When sleep played a melodic tune and with darkness danced.



I have a small new year gift for everyone in this site. Figure it out. Here is a clue, it is nothing material, but a right.

5 Replies to “Yesterdays-08/30/2006”

  1. A right ot leave comments after such a long time?? The right to read your beautiful, amazing words — in which naked branches sway and evening lures like a belly dancer?  The right to sit back and say – hmmm… here is true greatness of expression, wit, and wisdom?  You are amazing LP — here’s to more of your Yesterdays!!  XXOX – L

  2. i made no resolutions this year…i didnt even eat black eyed peas for good luck as is customary here in the south…i agree, we should live each day as if it is New Years…this poem wrapped its words around my mind and….”with darkness danced”….


  3. the descriptions seemed sexual, but it tied into your motif of youth and natural flesh desires.

    glad i could comment. i wanted to comment on, but i couldn’t figure out how to.

    happy new year

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