Pleasant Feelings.

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Two people need totake a break from everything they say and do, Donald Trump and RosieO’Donnell. They are both self hyped people who will do anything forattention and now yelling at each other saying the other one isdisgusting and ugly. The one fact the world know very well is they areboth ugly, in looks and in character. However, Donald’s daughter…Stunning.


 CameroonDiaz and Justin Timberlake broke up, did anyone heard about them inrecent times. This is a big break for Justin as his career is on theway up. I thought he is done when he acted as young Elton John incouple of music videos in the Elton John album “Songs from the westcoast”. Sure his talent is amazing when it comes to music. But histalent to find a good girl… pathetic. That Cameroon Diaz was never ahot looking one and she is too old for him. Justin you are only at thefirst step of life, these are the slippery ones and a fall is fine butyou did a remarkable job in managing the slip without a fall. This isyour day Justin.


 SaddamHussain is dead. His daughter who defected from Iraq in 1995 tried tomeet him before his execution. Though one of the most ruthlessdictators this world has seen, that girl is not. It touch one deep whenheard that a daughter wanted to meet her dad who is going faceexecution and found it hard to enter her mother land. It may be a sillyfeeling but feels bad. I think this is a gesture the world leaders mustwatch as they should know that beyond power, politics and money theyare also humans and part of this humanity. On that day Saddam Hussainhimself might have wished to meet his children who are alive. He shouldhave known that for every action that harms another human it will comeback one or the other way in this life itself at least as a bit of painthat takes ones life. I don’t think there are many head of states outthere that don’t have blood in their hands. May be there are someEuropean countries but rest of the countries especially to the westspeaks about peace in one breath and spit fire upon who don’t agree.


Pleasant Feelings.


The mild wind towards me galloped,

And upon my face crashed,

The soothing and caressing of an invisible hand I felt,

Warmth I never felt deep inside sprouted.


The gladness about everything felt,

As events in life one after another rolled,

Be it good, bad, sad or the angry ones,

In everything at least a thought connected.


Every sense in pleasantness swayed,

Thoughts stored away scenes and feelings,

For dreams in the subconscious to be weaved,

And seen when in the peace of rest.


How can one find pleasantness when,

One has only anger and sadness to feel?

As when every problem in life presents,

And a solution I finds that brings satisfaction,

To me and everyone my life touches,

In that satisfaction of others and mine sprouts,

Pleasantness, erasing all other feelings from senses.


Then there are times when pleasantness I feel,

And for reasons through my mind I search,

Though reasons doesn’t matter for a good feeling,

This time the reason filled my heart,

When the pretty smile of a sweet heart seen,

In my minds eye, who at my eyes looked,

And opened her soul in silence through her eyes,

In those eyes I saw a definition of mine unknown,

And that definition fills my heart with feelings pleasant.

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