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Gossipers are roaming around the world making wild guessesthat kicks hanging relationships in tantrum. How may have celebrities havefallen prey to this. How may commoners have fallen prey to this? Most of thetime the problem is in the lifestyle of people, they just get together have alot of sex and fell apart when the first storm of doubt hits. Then there are thosewho crave for attention and sticks together just to show the world there is agreat relationship at play in their lives. In fact they are volcanoes that iswaiting to explode and they will explode, many a times when it is too late forboth of them to get into any other realistic relationships, leaving their childrenin never ending misery that goes in generations of self doubt and insecurity. Thenthere are those who are like cats and dogs who engage into sex every time theymeet one of the other sex. I call them the silent terrorists because of thedamage they do to humanity. Then there is a minority very little people comeinto contact with these people and they have only themselves to ever talk toand they are their own on representatives.

  Bad relationshipsare a curse to humanity…. May be many of the genetic disorders we find in ourera might have to do with that kinda relationships. I don’t know the science ofit as I am not a scientific person. But I know the spiritual side of it which Ican’t explain in words. Yes, bad relationships are indeed a curse to humanity.

I am wishing you alla wonderful weekend. I tried to write a new poem but work caught up with me.And I may not be online to post a poem during the weekend not because I have alot of things to do but my laptop mother board and hard drive died. My loss isnot that much, some songs I recently downloaded, some pictures and about 500 to800 emails I saved. None of those matters but the biggest loss was the latestpoem which I almost finished by the end of the year. I am trying to recollectthat poem from my mind but I am too bad in getting my own words like that. Iordered a new laptop from Dell and it will be with me after 10th ofthis month that’s what they say on their site.

Once more, have a great weekend you all. Enjoy it to everybit but never end up in one of those bad relationships I talked about. Cry restof your life about a relationship you never had, but never let a soul that cameout of a bad relationship curse the rest of his/her life and the generationsthat comes out of them.

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