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Van Halen, R.E.M, The Ronettes, Patti Smith and GrandmasterFlash and the Furious five were selected to be inducted into the Rock and RollHall Of Fame. 600 industry experts selected these artists and bands. Van Halenblew up our brains during the 80s with great songs like “Dreams”. R.E.M of courseknown for the wonderful song “Losing my religion” deserves the nomination andselection. It is indeed not a surprise to see a rock poet Patti Smith in thelist of nominees this year. These artists will be inducted into the rock androll hall of fame at the annual ceremony held on March 12th in New York. 

Other than the above said, nothing exciting happened in theweekend. I missed internet but I understood I am not that addicted to internetlike I thought. There was this thought like a hooligan stalked me to write. ButI just did not felt like doing anything else when I know this world got the bizarretwists and turns mostly man mad ones. On one side we call for disarmament ofall weapons and on the other side we will spend billions in building new nukes.I think it is time for everyone to think, talk and act for global peace; otherwisethere won’t be anything we can call as a globe anymore.

I heard a great review about the movie ‘Children Of Men’from a friend, I haven’t seen the movie, procrastination consumed my weekend.Then there was this menacing girl who ate half of my Sunday. She is such a painin talks, acts and even in dressing. She can irritate anyone to suicide. But Iknow this girl more than anyone in this world, there is this caring heart ofher which none knows but her boyfriend and me. She may kill my sleep by callingme at 5:00AM but I will not tell anything bad to her as she is a little sisterI never had. She told me she loved the movie ‘Children Of Men’ if anyone elsewatched this movie please let me know how is it.

I did not watched the NFL playoffs much this weekend. Littlesad not to see Packers in there. A lot happy to Giants and Manning out of thePlayoffs. Very angry to see Seattlestill in there. Next weekend I will have my computer and I hope I will be roaringfor the Bears. My predictions (which often don’t happen) it will be Baltimore Ravensand Chicago Bears will play in the Super Bowl and Ravens will win it easily.

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  1. Ohio State loss so here in the Buckeye state I think everyone is sore about football. 😉

    I just wanted to apologize about getting you a signed copy of my book and the remaining balance I owe you. I promise that within the next few weeks (week ?) I will be able to send both on their way.

    I haven’t heard of the movie but one that I think is going tobe good is Letters From Iwo Jima.

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