Into The Eyes Of Future.

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Hello Everyone,

       Not even one comment for my Elton John post.. Duh… There is an important message in that post. Which most of you did not understand. Now go back to that post and read what I am saying. Listen to the song and listen to the lyrics. Or read it.


   Now here is a poem… it don’t properly conclude I am just ending with praying words. Yes.. everything is beautiful, everything is wonderful, a while back I said… I am throwing my love up in the air and hope my love comes down with another’s love. Yes it is happening. Read the poem.. it will tell you more.

Into The Eyes Of Future.


On a mid winter evening late,

Mild breeze lingered at the windows closed,

But thoughts flown far away into the depths,

Of roads way ahead in a lifetime to come,

The eyes of future I search not,

As those green eyes fulfill my search.


Thoughts in burning of a shooting star disturbed,

But the sizzled winter air danced through the villas,

And the moon dazzled her beauty all around me,

In the envy that in my mind is a beauty this nature unseen.


She filled in my soul that left empty,

She filled my face with smiles always,

In my joy found her own happiness,

And in those happy sweet tears reflected her love for me.


The warmth of summer filled the room,

As the love from her in my mind I felt,

Far across the oceans she may be,

The warmth of those soft palms upon my cheeks I felt.


Oh’ how beautiful love is and how wonderful emotions it leaves,

Or is it the true beauty of a wonderful soul,

When the wings of my dreams spread I see not,

No horizons as all my dreams are filled,

By the love of an Angel who gave me her heart.


Days passed me by, life became motionless,

Love penetrated deeper than imaginations,

May the blessings of reality shower a bright future,

For me, with her and everything that touches our life,

And let the eyes of our future have the sight of both of us.

2 Replies to “Into The Eyes Of Future.”

  1. sorry for not commenting on your elton john post. i have been sick for the past two weeks with an ear infection, sore throat, fever, nasal congestion, and other stuff.

    as for your poem. i enjoyed the emotions you skillfully invoke with the ease of the language. the shooting star disturbed reminded me of a super star, the woman who the poem is addressed to, burning hot (sexual innuendo) that it frightened the poor shooting star (metaphorically speaking) into its lowly place.

    the warmth of summer is a pleasant comparison to the woman’s personality, because summer is one of most people’s favorite seasons. so, it also follows the clever adage donned by solomon, “there is something for every season…”

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