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This is a day I wanted to sleep all day. Even after nearly 6 hours of sleep I still feel sleepy. Daaang. What is going on with me? Well in the end I figured out, I must eat to keep my body up…hehehehe. Totally forgot to eat anything A bag of popcorn did the trick. Now I am up and running,(not literally running). How can someone forget to eat anything all day.. The reason.. read below..

   This is her nickname, she called it herself. So with all those thoughts when the tiredness left, I wrote.


Have a great evening everyone.


Unleashed darkness erasing the colors of the fall,

The winter frost danced through the horizon,

Like a wild Angel in her fury upon the sinful,

Dark clouds like feathery wings covered the sun,

And ice and snow flown like her wrath filled spit.


Though the sun blazed at the time of her rest,

Though no warmth felt, the sun still left little rainbows,

From the hanging icicles left by the blizzard storm,

Her breath filled air with freeze,

And the wind with vengeance blown,

Oh’ the winter season can freeze even minds.


But there is beauty in even the monstrous cold,

The beauty of the falling snow,

The touch of the flying flurry upon ones nose,

The whiteness spread as a blessing for the eyes,

And even the mind’s eyes opened to see the beauty of white.


Winter is the season when unpleasantness out show,

Every beauty nature all around can spread,

But when the golden sun sets around the mountain west,

The pleasant touch of a beauty in mind felt,

Oh’ she will be the gathering of all pleasantness,

Even the winter Angels cannot compete and out show.


Every step of her melted the winter freeze,

She has neither wings nor fires of a blazing star,

Her perfected soul melts every flaws of her own,

Greenery around the nature spread,

When through her green eyes she looked,

The waiting seeds sprouted in haste,

To get a glimpse of her angelic glow,

The fury of the wind upon the touch of her skin faded,

And became a smooth wave of air upon flown,

Birds of all colors singing in high and low notes.


Oh’ my words speak about arrival of spring you thought?

Naa… Those words to my mind came,

When Angelina became the never ending spring of my life.

9 Replies to “Angelina”

  1. I am glad you enable again your page in xanga to put comments to your poems. It’s been a long time I find very difficult accessing your homepage just to give my comments that is why am sorry if I wasn’t able to give my criticisms as regards your posts.

    For you to know I am very happy today knowing that I can now give my wordings to a very wonderful poet like you.I am expecting that you’ll not disable this…..

    God bless,


  2. I’ll have to come back and give this poem it’s due alas I have class.

    I am one of those freaks that seem to get by with just a little sleep. Thats why when I contracted mono it really kicked my you know what. Suddenly 4-6 hours of sleep didn’t cut it.

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