A Heart Filled With Love

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It is two years now after I started my Xanga. It started by saying welcome to my workshop. First comments by Maggie That honor goes to her.  Thank you Maggie.

This is a poem written with a name “Heartless Day” haha look at the way it all came out. Some days back I wrote a poem and changed it’s ending taking off two lines. I added those lines in this poem….LOL… I am not going to say where. The idea is simple… 20 years from now on this date what will I feel about what happened in the last couple of days. That’s this poem..

A Heart Filled With Love


Lovely sunshine up in the east brewed,

From a million colors took the best of rays seen,

And fast came the morning flooding this part of Earth.


In the triumph of spring the sun slowly moved,

Even the forgetful squirrel knows spring have arrived,

But all seeing the remnants of the winter still perplexed,

The awe of spring only in depths sprouting.


With cloudy minds people around the streets wandered,

Loving eyes and loved smiles, jealous minds and betrayed souls,

Oh’ all walked by as part of this moment of time.


Up in the air as part of the illusion called sky,

Clouds punched each other for some unknown territory,

Some fell apart and drizzled in the afternoon hours.

Though cold, Oh’ how wonderful it felt,

When rain caressed through face once more.


The evening went away colorless behind the clouds,

A sensual touch given by the gypsy wind,

Once more reminded of some lost love,

This day counted twenty years from the day we left,

Ah’ a bout of pain squeezed a lonely heart,

I still feel the love as the same in the day we left,

On a day when reality that ugly monster caught me one more time,

When emotions and passions left for belief and faith,

With a smile, a lot of love on my recliner I sat,

Knowing I still have a heart filled with love, only for her.

3 Replies to “A Heart Filled With Love”

  1. I like the part of your poem that goes this way;

            The evening went away colorless behind th clouds,

            A sensual touch given by the gypsy wind,

    Oh what  line, it seems I as struck unto it. Thanks for sharing this very wonderful piece…..



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