The Greatest Lover.

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Springtime was much more brutal than I thought. A contract canceled and megetting all sorts of issues from health to wealth. I have gonethrough these kinda times before so I am quite used to this. Oneearly morning I was standing outside having a smoke and I felt “Comeon this can’t happen again” then really felt sad and look up in thesky and told. “It is better that you created me not, than leavingme as a loser” I went back to bed without much thoughts and slept.I woke up with the news, the Green Card process which I thought willtake more than 2 and half years have become current, I went back thesame spot where I stood and spoke the words of desperation and saidwith a smile “Sorry I should not have despaired, I never will bedepressed again for what you did not gave and thank you very much”.Later that day I wrote something off my mind.

Hereis what it is.

TheGreatest Lover.

Sing again sing again oh wonderfulbird,
Sing in the tune of my heart where Ihold,
The deepest thoughts about loveacquired,
Where the memories of a sweet heart Icherish.

The trees you rest, Oh’ do they sing toyou back,
The wind that wobbles you in yourflight, did she sing too,
If so give them the tune in the rhythmof my heart,
Sing to them the tune you hear from myheart.

A tune in memories I adore,
A tune composed in the giggles of her,
A tune in the counter point of thelovely notes she whistled,
A tune that gathered me from ascattered lot,
And gave meanings to everything inpast, present,
And in future may come.

Fly as far away for your daily life,
I still will feed you in my gratitude,
Oh’ but when the light turn golden,
Sing to me again that lovely song,
As love I felt from her, in my mindwrote,
Words of love dipped in the twilightsof her day,
Leaving me to hear you, with justmemories,
Of a handful days that passed in whichshe wrote,
“The silhouette of yours in my soul Ialways will keep,
Even when dark days fill in my life Isure will not weep,
As with your love in the little time wespent you shown,
The worth of a lifetime, and gavehappiness of lifetimes,
And bright indeed will be my soul as itspreads,
My love for you in here and toeternity.”

It is her you feel O bird in the tuneyou hear,
So sing again in celebration of thehappiness she left,
As one of the greatest lover humanityever known.


This is the video of a hindi song. This situation of this song is really sad. From the movie Muqaddar Ka Sikander which came out in the early 80s . The situation of this song is, the actor (Amitab Bachen) when he was young was  a servant at the house of wealthy girl. They reall liked each other, but her wealthy father kicks him out of house on her birthday and he couldn’t give her the gift he bought for her as he was not allowed inside the house. On her birthday she sings a song.. “Oh’ my dear friend, without you, there is no life” As a young kid with his younger sister he ends up in the streets of Bombay. From the footpath he becomes a very rich man in Bombay. The wealthy man loses his wealth and dies and his daughter(the girls whom he liked) was left with nothing. He couldn’t find her at all. This song is towards the end of the movie when in a function his friend and his friend’s girl friend ask him to sing a song. He sings the same song. “Oh my dear friend, without you there is no life” his friends girlfriend gets stunned hearing the song. She is that girl. The movie got a whole different story line for which to save another friend and save the marriage of this girl Amitab ends up fighting a villan and dies. I loved this song performed by Kishore Kumar with beautiful lyrics. I will try to translate the Hindi lyrics to English with the help of some people who knows Hindi very well. Enjoy the song

3 Replies to “The Greatest Lover.”

  1. Fly as far away for your daily life,
    I still will feed you in my gratitude,
    Oh’ but when the light turn golden,
    Sing to me again that lovely song,
    As love I felt from her, in my mind wrote,
    Words of love dipped in the twilights of her day,
    Leaving me to hear you, with just memories,

    I like most these lines most. Very flair and done creatively.Keep it up.


  2. Haha, my friend sent that to me. He’s a mathematical genius. I’m alright these days… life is so so and I have no inspiration to write. I haven’t written in awhile and it’s hard to get back into it. How are you? Hope you’re wonderful, I always enjoy reading your poetry.

    By the way, that was a lovely post.

  3. Riaz, it’s good to see that one may leave comments on your site again. My old computer is so slow, and I seldom go to any other sites Like Myspace…etc. for some reason they make my computer freeze badly.

    It is a beautiful thing of which you’ve written here. Love is a song which plays it’s own haunting melody in each of our hearts.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment my friend :o)


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