A New Summer Pastime.

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Summer is a season I hate. I love the freeze of the oldwinter lady. Summer slows me down. Well I really slowed down. You have seen thelesser number of posts. There is enough bad things happened to make medepressed and we are not much into a summer. I wish this season be over and Ican hide myself in a winter coat during my evening walks.

This poem .. Just read it .. I wrote it …. That’s all I cansay about it as it is really the reality I am facing.

ANew Summer Pastime.

With the break of the dark by the light started the day,
No matter how much might darkness shows,    
Like a conquering army to all corners, rays of light filled,
The falling dew blessed the dried out earth,
The singing birds distracted none,
The blooming flowers attracted more than bees,
As empty minds filled with more than the warmth,
Of the clear and bright summer morn.

The winds woke up along with the warmth,
And danced on the lush green grass,
Then climbed on squirrels and went up the trees,
And danced again holding the hands of every leaf.

But not just the might of the light that broke the dark,
Not just the dark of the night that broke in the morn,
Oh’ the dark days of sadness and loneliness fell apart,
As sparkles from those eyes conquered his heart.

Mornings like these passed through minds,
And souls once in depression spent, danced with the wind,
Glory of an emotion in vows celebrated,
And dreams weaved in the darkest days of past,
In the light of love fulfilled as lovers stood hand in hand.

Oh’ this is not just another summer dance,
Fallen and forgotten along with season of fall,
It is the vow of mutual care and love celebrated,
Oh’ watching love indeed is the pleasure of summer fun.
And live in memories blank of a feeling unheard,
And vows untold.

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