My Thought Of The Day.

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There are people in this world who believe in principles and theystrongly believe that others should accept what they believe because itall look so right for them. Actually these people are not principledthey are just control freaks. They don’t know what humanity truly meansand they lose their control of their on minds to stubborn principles.In politics the extreme liberals and conservatives are of this kind. Inreligion the fanatics are of this kind. There is one fact that is verysad, because of these freaks it is innocent lives that get lost. Ifthere is possibility why not the world unite and shut all these freaksinto some mental asylum. They are not a lot.

Just some thoughts, I thought of posting a poem… kinda backed off from posting it as when I read the poem it just did not added up to the original thought I have a lot to do today including attend a dinner. This is a very interesting dinner. When I was in India I was high school and my brother had a friend, he once invited me to his home as he came to know that I read a lot. A wall full of books that’s what I can say, his sister a house wife and have nothing to do at home so her husband who was away in another place brings her books. It is her collection. She never gave those books to anyone but look at me she said, okay you can have them. After school I left to another state for higher education. And when I came back those people were all gone. After more than 20 years reacently I found out, the lady and her husban with their children are not settled in Kansas. They invited me to dinner. She may really get scared I was so small and lean, now not so tall but from about 60lbs I have grown big to about 190lbs. My belly indeed is a scary thing.

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