The Breakfast.

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This is my first post in this year. I hope none will ever ask me how is it so far. Well.. anyway, I have nothing to say. Enjoy the poem


The look of the winter morn so sweet,
With sun glowed more by the snow laid streets,
Everything white and nature exhaled,
Her breeze all around covering bodies in winter cold.

The warmth of the coffee felt at lips,
As nightly hunger by the breakfast killed,
Oh’ his eyes passed through the paper fast,
And saw nothing that thrilled his mind.

He listened to nothing as most of what heard,
Meant nothing to him in every way,
But the good old mom earth revolved,
With him also, who did no good to none.

The ways of the wilder youth are gone,
Though to himself many times he asked why,
Those days and ways made his heart so warm,
No winter freeze in those days he ever felt.

But the memory of those days and ways remained,
Even when he inhaled the cigarette smoke deep,
Every roll that exhaled left another moment of life,
But still the past remained past engraved deep in the soul.

The coffee though still warm but felt strong,
The Omelet and French toast feeling the winter,
Yet he finished them all and took one last drag,
Looked at the paper once more and then around.

Oh’ how many days passed by with no sign of change,
Life in every way passed the same like the roll of smoke,
And the coffee and breakfast never broke the fast,
Yet, gave fuel for yet another cold winter day.


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13 Replies to “The Breakfast.”

  1. “The coffee though still warm but felt strong,
    The Omelet and French toast feeling the winter,”

    Really strong imagery of memory and especially these lines.
    There’s nostalgia and comfort in foods. Warm foods
    which can soothe a body and take one’s mind off the winter cold.
    What a refreshing poem!

  2. There was no Suggestion.

    (Its a solid piece)

    It just gave my teeth a scrape)thend


    (I’m just not the constructive or suggesting type. One way is as Good as Another, Hell I Would read nonsensical garbage if was pretty enough)

  3. A persons view of a piece of writing is either

    “I Enjoyed It” or “I Did not Enjoy It”

    In varying shades of gray.

    A Suggestion is something like

    “You should put the word, pen-is, in every second stanza.”

    And Also,

    I’m actually starting to like this piece, which is Annoying.

    And its only because I’ve replyed and re-read like three Times.

    That Is not Fair.

    I hate when sentences grow on Me.

    Congrats, you’ve given me the Equivilant of Literary Lice.


  4. “Even when he inhaled the cigarette smoke deep,
    Every roll that exhaled left another moment of life,”

    is my pick for the most vivid part of the piece for me but that might be cos i am a smoker….but it seemed to hold so many images for me when eye read it aloud

    “The coffee though still warm but felt strong,
    The Omelet and French toast feeling the winter,”

    i never knew lines in a great piece could also make me feel hungry at the same time…it might be cos i just woke up…or this was a really good piece….i won’t ask but i will wonder about the new year=)

  5. I agree about the richness of metaphor and imagery in this one.  This poem is one of my favorites of yours so far.  It captures a feeling of displacement and reflection so well.  Thanks for sharing it.   ryc: goodness…. sorry to hear of your bad news.  Well, I guess opportunity for change can lead you to better things this year.  That’s my wish for you.   Hang in there.  Take care 🙂

  6. The South will be potentially difficult but I think after New Hampshire (and definitely South Carolina and Michigan) whoever wins those primaries will be on a roll that the others will not be able to bounce back from. I like Edwards a lot, if it were not for Obama I would vote for him, I still think he will be selected as the running mate.

    My brother and I have debated this back and forth quite a bit but only time will tell.

    Love the poem. Your off to a great start this year.

  7. i wrote my piece that way as to avoid the name….its an easy name to rhyme with so i hindered my path to make it interesting to do…

    my 1st of January was spent at a friends house then to a bar then after the bar i went right to work worked 12 hour shift as a favor to a coworker…so my second was spent sleeping dreaming of clouds…hoping for the best is always a good way to start a year…i just need to remember to remind myself that not getting sleep is a bad thing lol

  8. really, really great. Made me think about how routine life could be as opposed to those younger and youthful days where nothing seemed to bother you. I loved the “breakfast never broke the fast” because the entire poem almost sounds like this person confined to everyday life not being about to breakaway. I guess it’s kind of like a play on words and such, which I like. Also, thanks for stopping by.

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