The Wind Stopper.

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There are confusions all around. Here is a pledge I took, I will never work for another stupid Indian IT company. They are stupid, fraud, and will betray you beyond every imagination of yours. If I am going to explain this here it may take forever and fill this site. But here is my warning to all of you. If the employer is of Indian origin, don’t work. My countrymen are crooked and fraud. I curse myself for being born in India… Period.
  Said all that.. I am fine, very fine…. hope everyone is fine out there, hope none got caught in those violent storms in the Midwest. My prayers are for all those who got hit.

Here is a poem, I just finished… if there are any flaws you see in this one… this is what you should do … keep it in your mind and leave it next time you go peeing. Hehehe


The Wind Stopper.

Oh’ to the cold morning winds I said,
Calm down, O naughty girls, calm down,
Prepare to spread the scents that fill a lovers heart,
Stand by to caress the cheeks soft and warm
Your friend will come out for her walks.

About her I thought I don’t know a lot,
But in the depths of those eyes I see,
Purity of a soul I’ll never learn in whole,
Gathered upon her is beauty in unique perfection,
Flaws of humans none can see upon her at all.

Little by little eagerness in my mind grew,
As the winds still hit upon the my face,
And scrolled through my whole being,
Mind felt none of these at all,
As eagerness, in my waiting grown up to anxiety.

The willow branches clashed in vengeance,
The ones lost broke and fell right behind,
I still know she will never disappoint,
The whole nature and two eager eyes,
The whole feeling  pounded my heart so fast.

The wind went behind me and pushed me ahead,
As if asking me to move from my petrified pose,
Accidentally my lips said what mind just thought,
Oh’ dear where are you in silence hide?
I looked around to see if anyone else around.

The naughty winds never calmed down,
But from all around growled into my five senses,
With bowed head I stood in disappointment,
As the beauty I waited, left me in waiting,
Anxiety now matured enough to pain my heart.

Then the winds just stopped hitting on my face,
But upon the willows they still danced,
The painful anxiety left me in that instant,
Calm before the storm in my heart I felt,
Then I saw her slowly walking through the garden path.

Eyes never flickered, ears heard her soft foot steps,
The wind now rested upon the willows,
The rays of the morning sun warmed all around,
She never looked at me at all but my mind said she knew,
A harmless poet not from far absorbed her beauty.

On this day she walked holding her hand so tight,
Then turned to me and smiled from the depths of her heart,
I closed my eyes and opened them again,
She is gone not another sight of her I saw,
And the winds came back with all their naughtiness.

For a long time kept my eyes closed and seen her in my mind,
Then got up and wrote her in full before her image faded,
As the last words were written down in my mind she filled,
Now all of you will see her and know her in the same way I do.


Blue October – Into the Ocean

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23 Replies to “The Wind Stopper.”

  1. your eloquence rings true in this poem. i especially notice your personification. very gorgeous language. i like the line about the wind and the line about the willow. putting the two together, they remind me of ophelia’s willow song. the allusion makes the lines well written and beautiful.

  2. I agree I have a hard time believing he is a racist but I think it is worth looking at, I’m mostly interested because I know next to nothing about the candidate and was hoping that someone knew quite a bit about him. The internet seems full of his supporters.

    On the issue of the Civil War I do believe it was unavoidable. Paul offers the idea that the Federal government could simply buy the slaves out of slavery and then outlaw the practice but states like South Carolina and Mississippi were not going to allow that to happen without a fight which resulted in the Civil War. Dr. Paul uses the example that England was able to end slavery through economics but slavery in England was different then in America. For Southerners slavery was more then economical it was also social. England ended slavery but still possessed a strong class system. Eventually this ended but it was hard, long, and violent. And still to this day the House of Lords exist and the British are referred to as subjects and not citizens.

    Largely this is just an academic question but I think it shows a misunderstanding of history on the congressman’s part.

    And like I said I think he has very interesting ideas but maybe he belongs in Congress like Dennis Kucinich.

  3. “I am not promising I will amaze you, but I can tell ya, I’ve never disappointed anyone.”

    Saying that, is already a Disappointment.

    I Want to be Bedazzled.

    Not merely, Un-disappointed.

    (Which is in itself, is oddly enough disappointing or at the least slightly bleak)


  4. I unfortunately don’t have the time to finish reading this poem, but what I read sounds lovely.

    RYC: Thanks.  I didn’t see any spiders while I was there… just cows, horses, and lots of cats and dogs.  And bird, especially when we went to the bird sanctuary… and of course, some nice lil cockroaches in the units!


  5. awww, i miss reading all the poems that you write. I don’t get on xanga alot anymore, but everytime I do, I come straight to this page. just so you know, I’mma go grab your book at the bookstore//and if all fails, then Amazon is always an option. ^__^ keep it up; your work keeps me inspired.

  6. Hello there. Most beautiful piece. So lovely how you intertwine the stormy weather with stormy & heated emotion 🙂 I am well here thank you. Luckily was not hit as hard as neighbors.

  7. first of all let me just say lol to “keep it in your mind and leave it next time you go peeing.”

    i had to read it aloud for it to take hold on me but thats more then likely cos i am how i am…but once i did read it aloud it was perfect

    “Little by little eagerness in my mind grew,
    As the winds still hit upon the my face,
    And scrolled through my whole being,
    Mind felt none of these at all,
    As eagerness, in my waiting grown up to anxiety.”

  8. Another beautiful poem. =)

    It’s funny how you say that about your own race. My best friend is Indian and she says the same thing. Well, there are also a lot of things about my race I don’t like either! But then again, I think it’s different when you’re born somewhere and you were brought up somewhere else. I think I’ve become much more of a hybrid because I have been brought up in a western country, but I like it.

  9. “The naughty winds never calmed down” i like this line, there’s a sense of freedom, uncontrollable-ness to it. There is an emotional depth to this, like the wind has depth and like the ocean and everything around us- even the woman you write of has so much depth to her. I like that element in this piece, it’s fitting… especially with your song “The Ocean” which is their second best, besides “Calling You”. Other than that, they need some spice.

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