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It is way early in the morning, I am just sitting and watching movies wow I just can’t sleep. I would’ve been more creative and better without T.V. I know that still I watch it. There are things I still do for no reason at all. Today and old friend asked me on IM “Are You still single” the talk went this way… name was deleted for his privacy.

Me: I don’t know anything about marriage and I am not thinking about it now
My Friend:yeah, it’s different…but, eventually worth it
Me: Nothing is bigger than my ego.. hehehe 😀
Me: I think I told you a long time back it will be virtually impossible for a girl to tolerate me
My Friend: thats what u think…God has created one for all of us
Me: I will not move against the will of God
My Friend: If God created one for me, he will bring that one to me

After that I took a poem I was writing, I read what all I wrote and thought why the hell did I named that poem “The Drowning Man” it all looked weird. So I deleted some lines from what I wrote and finished it.


The great plains in all greatness lay,
In the middle of the American land,
Where sun’s rays danced in summer tunes.
The day went by and rays disappeared,
As dark bales of clouds from all sides came,
And loomed above all, filling gloom,
The summer storm spread her wings all around.

Drops one by one came down and hit the ground,
Then in time those drops grew thin but more came,
The rain lashed over the dried out land,
Filling thirsty plants that danced in tunes of drops,
The sounds so wonderful to hear,
Everything in the never ending rain soaked,
O the blessing everything waited, so late came,
Took the dark cloak of an unsaid curse.

Every bit of the ground first went soaked,
Then the water from all sides raised,
The flood through every corner flashed,
The power of nature like a monstrous serpent flown,
Into the depths of every bit of life and beyond,
All that rested with the flow without directions floated,
Nothing felt the weight of material they are,
And floods defeated gravity and took it all.

All green covered with water and left to rot,
What once a blessing a tool of destruction became,
Then flown away through rivers and most sucked by mother,
When the sun gained his might once more over the lands,
Sprouts of life from the belly of mom came and filled the lands.
The cycle for years passed and storms came and gone,
Life once lived stayed strong, died and passed,
The strength measured in looks, age and status.

Nothing stayed the same though from far all looked same,
Even the storm that brewed up from west looked same,
Though first in joy of showers and then the cloak it took,
The dark old one that carried the unsaid curse,
They all looked same but time changed them from inside,
Those who drowned never known the role they played,
Nothing gone wasted as what rot fertilized new growth.



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4 Replies to “Storms”

  1. oh my gosh, i just want you to know that even if I never find my birth mother, you are amazing! Thanks for letting me talk to your friend and she gave me a website with which I already sent my application to be reviewed. ::crosses fingers::

    – Monte

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