About The First Romantic Feelings.

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Things changed over night, the Indian company out but the client came for me. A little more money and breathing space to find a job in the exact place I wanted to be. So it is good news.
 Not a lot going on other than watching all these politicians attacking each other and finding justifications in attacking. Then come and hug and kiss all in the name of democracy. The last I heard about real democracy, I think it is the peoples will the politicians must implement. Now this is a collective dictatorship we have, the one democratic part is we all get mesmerized by the non stop ads by various candidates. I watched them all and felt at one point or the other that this guy is good, the I heard another guy I felt this guy is good, Then the lady was good then I went full blown crazy and threw the remote away. After half and hour I took the remote and started watching ESPN. I addicted to T.V now.
 The poem, I recently was thinking what makes people love each other. Total strangers come together see, talk, learn about each other and have good understanding that fills in their life love they may enjoy the rest of their lives. Then I thought what do I know about it. When was it, who was the girl on the other side. Then I thought about what many of my friends and colleagues told me about that first moment of love. It is a very important moment in a human life. Many just forget it….because they are probably way too young to record it in their memory in the explosion of hormones, emotions and passion. Most retrace that moment like I did. Then there are those who keep it the rest of their life. These thought made me write this poem


AboutThe First Romantic Feelings.

The beauty of the coconut palms and sea blended,
Into the depths of rivers, lakes and canals,
Where every step from the depth of soul spread,
Into the life and in turn life in that little heartfilled,
Love for everything alive in soliloquy known to none.

The school days with arts and music filled,
And evenings between the page of books spent,
The glow upon that face everyone known,
The glow of a wonderful soul in innocence grew,
And none known, as in the comfort of his own loveforgot,
Mind filling with poetry of love the world may know.

On an evening when he left bat and ball,
And walked through the narrow alleys just in thought,
Imaginations took every step in directions unknown,
Oh’ he saw her in all her youthful beauty walking by,
Then all imaginations like a kaleidoscopic imageperfected,
The beauty of love in his mind blended and to his veinsfilled,
With all the perfection in everything he learned,
Now become the enjoyment of not just one soul,
But to the soul that learned all he is with one look inhis eyes,
And loved all the perfections he loved too,
The first romantic feelings of two souls, in love meantto be one.


Here I am posting a different song. As the starting of the poem is a little description of the town I was born in India. I thought I will use the music of that town too.  This is a song from a movie, this is a dream scene where the local music, traditions in dress and dance form is used.

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3 Replies to “About The First Romantic Feelings.”

  1. I guess thats democracy. Attack the hell out of each other then kiss up only to turn around and attack each other again.

    I really do think this is one of the best elections America has had in a long time. There are a lot of smart people running and people actually have to think about and decide who they want.

  2. I haven’t forgotten. I’m just flitting around a lot.

    [I go through phases, what can I say.]

    First moments of love? Something I haven’t felt in a while, but a lovely poem none the less.

    “Then all imaginations like a kaleidoscopic image perfected,”

    ^amazing line.


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