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Do you know who are real losers? Those who understandsomeone, what he needs and really love him but because of some stupidsocial reasons cannot do anything about it. They will go to heavenstraight away as they live a life worst than hell. Every moment oftheir life they will regret not being with the one they love. Theylive a life of constant fear of losing something unknown to them.

What I said above is from real life experience. Thereare people out there who betray themselves in desperation of living alife defined by a world that pour only fear into them. I know onelike that to whom I looked for something but what was given was aterrible disappointment. Those thoughts brought out these lines.

May God Bless You All


The little boy from far looked,
At the bicycle wheels out thererolling,
Towards them he too rode with legsbetween the bars,
Every new feet moved faster than theprevious one,
His little legs gone round faster andfaster,
Then it all stopped and he laid on thegravel road.

The Rosewood tree so high and it stoodin aristocracy,
Branches like arms of a funny monsterwaved,
One by one he climbed as fast as hecan,
Vertigo held his heart to a standstill,
The in the sight of vast landsreleased,
Blood to all corner of the body inecstasy.

The river flown so fast down the hill,
The roar at times and the constantflow,
The whirlpools that seen once in awhile,
Jumped into one of them and he swam,
Across through it as hard he can,
Saw nothing heard nothing until handtouched,
Barks of a dead tree across the river.

Eyes sparkled in years of polished lovein the soul,
Face glowed holding a thousand moonsglow at bay,
Smile spread like a storm from the gulfto land,
He looked at that beauty and took onestep ahead,
As the fear of losing her consumedbeyond every fear,
The river, tree and bicycle through hismind flashed.


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4 Replies to “Fear.”

  1. Fear is the motivation for many great and horrible things. Fear of being different leads to conformity. Fear of being hurt leads to numbness and distance. Fear of death leads to obsession with life. Fear of rejection leads to lost opportunity.

    Your poem reflects how we deal with fear, I think.

    The boy rode the bike, he swam through the river, he climbed the tree. Similarly we must use our fears to get past them.

    The fear of something potentially wonderful not turning out as good as dreamt can lead to unexplored paths.

    But hopefully one day we will all learn to tread carefully on those roads we fear.

  2. I agree with what you say about politicians but for some reason I still hope and believe that there are those in the government who really do care about democracy.

    Sometimes its hard to believe in but I guess the reason I do is because if I don’t believe in that I don’t know what else to believe in with my government.

    This is a really good poem.

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