A New Life

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I don’t know how life works. It got the strangest waysand one likes it or not there are ways one must pass. Then in thoseways one will see many things some can only come to a certaindistance then one must leave it for something new.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

ANew Life.

The echoes of a lost love rumbled,
As the beauties walked away in parades,
Consuming the spring and summer of alife,
But the parades in their own misstepsfailed.

The dragging of the mind from thedepths felt,
And gladness from deep sleep slowlywoke,
The feeling of the fall winds allaround felt,
And life in the cold drizzles soaked.

Who came from where, eyes scanned,
What words heard ears in stiffnesslistened,
Nothing known to five sense felt,
And life just left in shadows,perplexed.

Oh’ you Angel, the Angel of heartbeats,
It is your naughtiness nature carries,
You the one upon the rays of morningsun comes,
Coloring the colorless, brightening thedark, mind.

The magic of your love so magnificent,
Turning every drop of drizzle tokisses,
Turning every dying leaf to scentedblossoms,
Defeating the mindless thoughts of lostlove.

The warmth of you love so spectacular,
In those glowed the tilted earth,
And at the end of the year felt thesummer warmth,
Mind deeper and deeper dragged, intothe ocean of love.

Oh when in your hug you hold mind andbody,
Sprouting from the depths of your soul,love,
Merging soul into your soul andweaving,
With forgotten dreams, the cloak of anew life.


Michelle Branch – Goodbye To You

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8 Replies to “A New Life”

  1. Hi Riaz, This poem is beautiful, another favorite.  I love this “coloring the colorless” and the last two lines are so perfect.  Those lines really capture the essence of “live and learn” or in this case “love and learn”.  It’s a wonderful gift to see how sorrow can lead to a new beginning.   I can’t think of any better way to say that than you did with those lines… “Merging soul into your soul and weaving,/ With forgotten dreams, the cloak of a new life.”  Awesome.  Thanks for sharing 🙂  And I’m wishing you a great weekend too.   Take care.

  2. haha 🙂  Now, I have myself wondering… Did I see this one of his before and say the same thing?  It wouldn’t surprise me.   I have a bad memory and read so many poems… But, at least I would love it the same every time and so it’s a treat either way.     Take care. 🙂

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