The Smiling Lover.

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I am in poetry overdose mood… I searched and I amsearching for a reason, for not being sad, angry and to get into agood mood. Damn I am lost within my own mind. There are good thingshappening around but the bad just out shows it all. That’s it

Totally different topic. Heath Ledger is dead. Ihaven’t turned on the T.V after the Packers loss. Even now I am notwatching T.V So I don’t know what happened to Heath Ledger. Mybrother told me there are speculations that he overdosed. Whatever,he was a good actor.

Now the poem.. I told many times here in this blog thatI have a habit of taking a thought and just talking to myself aboutit. This is just a thought I took from myself, in a way I just wrotewhat I spoke to myself.

Enjoy those who are enjoying these days. But I know mostof the people are not in a good mood to even update their blogs. Hopeyou all find a way to find peace of mind. I have found a way, donothing, just sit and sit and sit and keep on sitting. That’s it

TheSmiling Lover.

Where are all the good days gone?
Where are all the good people gone?
All I see around are mere mirages,
And they all show inverted images ofmine.

Where are the whistling winter winds?
Who all like lovers kissed my face,
Where are the nightly owls have gone?
Who all woke me up with their scarysongs.

Where are all the snow flakes gone?
Who all compete to sit on my nose,
Where are all howling foxes gone?
Who all fought for a meal in the wintercold.

Oh’ how forgetful I am as life pluckedme apart,
From all those who inspired me to beme,
Oh’ how wonderful were those days upnorth,
When time felt tired chasing me in mynaughty life.

Oh’ how blessed I feel, when a smileupon my face spreads,
Thinking about yester years and thedrama they wrote,
In which played I, a lovers role, sobadly,
But survived to think and smile at itall.


Elton John – Cry To Heaven

This is a great song, listen to thelyrics and music, I did not liked the video much but this one songworth listening

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