The Lost Ways

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I don’t know when I was about to start something good, I can feel everything falling apart. I shut my eyes many times, I can only see dark, I smiled many times, I can only taste the tears… This year so far SUCKS big time. Honestly… this looks like a shitty year. Damn it

The Lost Ways

The valley left empty as the storms left,
Shattered houses and mangled fields,
And from between the piled up rubbles
Cries of orphaned pets, all around echoed.

When alone wandering through devastation,
Oh’ wish to find a tree or little wall to lean on,
Clutched heart from all sides, pulled every vein,
Oh all in vain all that stood shattered, in the storm.

When night spread her dark, malicious magic around,
Squeaking bugs joined the cries of the orphaned pets,
Noting kept quite, nothing seen, nothing touched,
A brittle, but cold wind tried to sing pathos of the land.

If the morning wakes up what will I tell her, he asked,
Mind fell asleep long before the body did,
The lost ways are a ways too, to somewhere,
But in starless night, every corner looks like a way out.

Then somewhere fell down in someones land,
The landlord’s silence was a gift of the violent storm,
Can he speak too.  he thought he should shout,
Then he know, his howls will fall into deaf ears,

Oh even when they were all alive they loved,
Those speechless creature more than him,
Now when those were howling in pain none cared,
Why should anyone alive should care for this unknown.
Once more upon his own failure he decided to be alone.


Sinead O’Connor – Sacrifice
This Sinead O’Connor’s performance of Elton John’s song Sacrifice. Most of the people who know me know this is my all time favorite song in any genre or language. Now Sinead O’Connor is one of my favorite female singers. Many people say this performance is really bad, but in my opinion this one of the best performance by her. She is at her best here during the Two Rooms Collection recording.

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