Drawing A Face

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It is very interesting how days goes by. A very tough day, I  just don’t know how I kept my composure all through the day. There are people out there who are totally business minded, who don’t care that it is people who works at computers to program them. There were many times I thought I’d say that I am not a computer. But luckily I have a very nice supervisor, she did all she can to keep me out of the reach of these jack asses. I told ya I will be taking a trip in the middle of the week. Rain, snow or shine I must do this. I don’t know how many more times I should do it. It is critical.

The poem came to me rather than me trying to get to it. I was watching a cold case show, I don’t remember what was the story line and in between I thought about drawing again. Well I did not draw, as, if I want to draw Katherine Morris I have to start drawing Julia Roberts. The connection I still was not able to figure out. So I don’t draw anymore, instead, I wrote this. Enjoy.

DrawingA Face.

In the sunlight facing westward she sat,
Not looking at anything but
The book of cheaper romance,
More beauty  inside than outside found,
Still upon the dry clean sheet the pencil I pressed.

Between the curly hair her pretty face shined,
And what dark part, the graphite pencil can draw,
Mind can figure out still the silhouette slowly started,
To appear on the sheet from her left temple that glowed,
The kind face of sun in every ray from her reflected.

The line the pencil drew so smooth,
Towards the eyebrow bending,
Then the dark eyebrow draw, curved,
The brittle eye lashes covered the edge of the eyes,
The eyeballs were hard to fix,
As if in a dream, fast they moved.

And a little bulge my pencil felt,
As a little smile upon her face blossomed,
As the pencil curved through her cheeks,
And came all the way towards the only ear I can see,
Between those curly hairs pointed hide and seek it played.

From the outlines the pencil went,
To copy the fainted shadows,
The smiling, rosy cheeks leave around the eyes,
Oh’ I can see the rays of the evening sun fight,
To land upon those eluding eyes.

Then the pencil went about draw her nose,
A little curve that went up to a tiny tip,
Those little nostrils where the air she breathed,
Oh’ that heart gets its air from those, I wondered,
As the three dimensional touch the pencil finished.

Then what remained were those lips,
They twisted and many times whispered,
That which she read and those occasional smiles,
The pencil in my hand as it finished her lips shivered,
As deep into mind the image of a beautiful face, merged.

Oh’ with an apologetic mind I walked away,
As deeper and deeper into her romance she fell,
Not knowing through tip of a pencil an artists too,
Felt a little crush at a beautiful poetry,
The unimaginable supreme being wrote.


Elton John – Please

This is one great song. Anyone who have a little interest in poetry listen to the lyrics of this song and see how wonderfully Elton John blended the music with for this song. That’s the mastery of Elton John. That’s the reason why I like his songs a lot. It will not instantly catch you and leave you once it is over, his music and Bernie Taupin’s lyrics kinda grows in you and becomes part of you. I loved listening to this song when I was writing the poem above.

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