Rapunzel is alive and well

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Mar. 5 – Annual competition to crown the woman with the longest hair takes place in Lithuania. Some of these girls are really pretty but their hair is terrible.

Lithuania’s”Miss Longest Hair” competition recently attracted girls from acrossthe country, many with more than a metre long hair, to vie for thetitle.

Hayley Platt reports.


  • Rasa Kazeniene, organiser of long hair competition.
  • Aiste Antanaityte, winner of Lithuanian longest hair competition.
  • Mar. 2 – New umbrella design provides protective shield against rain. Slated as the latest advancement in weather protection, the “Nubrella” aims to be the umbrella of the 21st century. The invention provides a hands-free, plastic shield that surrounds the upper-body and is guaranteed not to invert in high winds.Hayley Platt reports.Soundbites:Alan Kaufman, Nubrella inventor.Joanne Douglas, New York resident.Ricky Ortega, New York resident.Unidentified woman in street.

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    1. hair that long is just wrong!!!

      RYC: I’ve done a whole series of ‘Sin Poems.’  I am attempting to use the poetic device called personification where sin (something inanimate and abstract) takes on human qualities.  I usually write a sin poem about once a month.

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