Forgotten Tunes.

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What a gorgeous day it was wow.. 73f and light breeze that brought the
smell of spring. It is good news for most of the people and I love
these kinda weather too. But to people who really know me as a poet,
they really won’t be happy. As opposite to what many may think, the
poet in me goes to hibernation during warm days. Well he did not go too
far as work came to a grinding halt. My boss got some personal issues
so she is not available today. She didn’t gave me anything to do. So I
leashed the poet and told ‘write you old, ugly, lazy bones’ by around
4:43PM, now it is 5:07PM. Enjoy what he did.

Forgotten Tunes.

Fingers pressed on the guitar fret,
And from the burning mind flown,
A tune strummed on the shiny strings,
As night gathered around the weeping horizon.

Standing on the melting ground,
He saw nothing, heard only the tune he played,
Somewhere in the depths of that mind hidden,
Are some words that makes no sense.

Everything in senseless machinations fought,
As nothing completed in fullness in life,
More wrath than any other emotions felt,
But they all faded when her face in memory came.

Oh’ his love for her was like plot less novel,
Or like the diary of a celibatic priest,
Only imaginations lived its life leaving dreams,
And feelings that pierced him with wrath.

From those feelings himself he relieved,
When he expressed the depths of his pain,
As broken tunes played and forgotten,
By a musician he never was.

14 Replies to “Forgotten Tunes.”

  1. hahaha! your little earthquake anecdote had me cracking up. no, I suppose a man in boxers in the middle of San Francisco would not be in one’s best interests, not at all. I’ve never been in an earthquake before, nope

    and yes those animals are really something. and we always think we’re smarter than they are…hah.

    I actually have the epic of Gilgamesh sitting in my shelf right now! who knows when I’ll get to that..

  2. ah, like how the poem centers aroud the guitarist who expresses his feelings through song.
    thank you so much for your comment on my poetry.. it is nice when it seems like soemone really read it…
    i know what it feel liek to hibernate on sunny days.. thats because my poet becomes happy.. and a happy poet doesnt usually write.. but sometimes my happy poems can be quite good i think… just lacking depth…thanks for adding to the online literature

  3. Nice writing! I remember my childhood days when I read it! How many tunes I have forgotten…don’t know. I am now standing on a melting ground and time is just melting away. There were so many dreams, wishes which I think doesn’t make sense. That time, my mind used to play a music, a tune, and I didn’t expect that I am a musician. The tune was just played by my heart. If I would have believed I am a musician then things would have been diferent. I would not have forgotten my tune. Anyways, it is okay……there is something that my life is also playing now and I will remember I am musician who is playing it and I will not forget! Thanks……….Very lovely poem!

    Keep smiling……….Bless You! ~Namaste~ Nidhi

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