A Beautiful Recognition.

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My lucky stars all seems to have gone super nova, I said that in a poema while back, now I think I should change that a bit, they all havebecome black holes and suck in whatever that comes around me, never tobe seen again. I am not kidding. Looks like the onlookers of this sitehave all gone into that black hole too, which is a good news as I hatedthem. I felt like those people are pirates who wander around the weblike a curse who all got no sense of appreciation. They are mostly frommy birth place. Nasty folks they are.
  Couple of weeks back I was chatting with a young girl from Russia,she lives somewhere in Norway after her mother married someone there.Luckily she knows english very well so that I was able to chat with herin yahoo. She is planning to move to Singapore as she wanted to joinher boyfriend there, she was asking me about my views on many things asshe converting to Buddhism. I said I am not a Buddhist, I am just apoet. She asked for my poems and I gave her this site. She left and daybefore yesterday she came back online and told she read my poems mostof the recent poems. She was no lying she was going through this sitefrom top to bottom. There were some many posts only one reader in thissite can read…  so except those Ilya read most of posts in this site.She liked this site a lot and told me something interesting…
“I felt like watching Svetlana Zakharova after reading most of your poems in your site”

I asked her, who is this Svetlana Zakharova?, then she told me,Svetlana is a famous dancer. I told her I really don’t know a lot aboutdancing and haven’t done much dancing in my entire life as I used toweigh around 260lbs. I was making fun of calling my poems look likesome exotic dancer. She said “no no, Svetlana is not an exotic dancer”and gave me some links in  youtube. Couple of them were performance bySvetlana another was a link to a performance of another dancer.
 Here are the videos of Svetlana Zakharova she gave me.

Swan Lake Odette Variation (Svetlana Zakharova)

Svetlana Zakharova – Giselle Act 1

The following is a comment I left for one of the videos I saw.

I write poetry, recently when I was chatting online I met thiswonderful girl from Russia who knows english very well, she told mereading your writings makes me feel like watching Svetlana Zakharova. Iasked her who is that? She gave me the link of this video and the samemusical piece perfromed by another dancer. Both are superb performance.In every way the honor I have ever got was the words of that girl asone can feel what true poetry means in this breathtaking performance bythis dancer.

17 Replies to “A Beautiful Recognition.”

  1. is the best way really to say what eye sea…..

    side note:

    i have alot of computers from NJ coming to my page all the time…some times CA and HK…..the ones from NJ and CA i think or either xanga severs or my cable network…..cos i notice they always appear each time i load xanga over…..is that what your talking about “the onlookers of this site”

  2. thank you for your lovely comment =) it’s nice to have one from a fellow poet. i like the style of what i’ve seen so far, so i gotta say it’s an honour you commented as such =) keep writing! don’t get discouraged! tis an apt comparison to an accomplished ballerina – grace and poise.

    p/s: i’m Buddhist.

  3. That’s one way of describing your writings and she’s absolutely right.  You are a good poet.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

    Yup, this is my favorite time of the year.  This kind of weather just keeps me going with a big smile on my face.

    Happy Friday!!!

  4. RYC its more then understandable …..it takes some getting use to…..but know there are reasons for me to do so….i would explain it but it would take too long and cos i’ve done that a million times….so let us leave it at that it is the way i flow….i am glad you can get past this little wall to enjoy the rest of my work…..

    much love and care to you and yours

    Deyja of the Omens

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