Theory Of Failure

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A head start was given earlier this week about this poem. A view point, rest the poem should speak for itself.

Theory Of Failure

The mind of an adolescent with dreams filled,
And step by step tothe worldly cravings left,
Follow the dream the world togetheryelled,
Followed the dreams, focused step by step.

Thescreams of the world never changed,
Those exploiters who made onelook good,
Those feelings that made one feel great,
All of themjust day traders who faded,
After a moments pleasure that onefreely gave.

Adolescent and teen years fallen away,
Like leaves in the season of fall,
When faced the bare naked worldof reality,
Unbearable the pain, as life became,
An unknowngame of poker against wicked fate.

In the perplexed passionsemotions froze,
The youthful years by the unfelt lovetorn.
Whenever eyes in despair closed,
Nothing of this world inmind’s eyes saw,
All felt were layers of sky blocking,
Someunknown reality one always failed to see.

After outliving theyouthful years life took,
A backward turn as all the pathspassed,
Through the roads of time from birth,
None meaningfullydefined any roads ahead.

The charms of youthlingered,
Everything grown, yet another step,
Upon the failedpast that never held,
Life built with sweat and blood,
Upon acastle drawn in the air.

Unpredictable the future alwayswas,
Undefined were the results of dreams,
Uncouth were thosewho filled in roles,
But the drama that repeated with differentpeople,
Oh’ always ended in failures of a bubbled up mind.

Mindbound to unnatural dreams,
The never ending chase after deadlinesunrealistic,
The lovely faces upon which trusted the purity oflove,
And excuses invented, justifying those who rejected,
Beliefthat makes one yearn for perfect and purest,
While looking atothers for ones own success.

For the mirages of life neverwritten in ones life,
Looking way above to those fakedsmiles,
Wanting and wishing for life of someone else,
Blamingeverything alive or some unknown fate,
When all those faded awayas illusions incomprehensible,
Even then dragging on and on leavinglife,
Into surprises guessed and miraclesexpected,
Oh’ they all lead to failures of a kindunimaginable.

8 Replies to “Theory Of Failure”

  1. I think that this is my favorite piece that Ive read of yours so far I loved this I am definately going to come back and read it again later when things are a little more quiet here in the house and I can truly concentrate but this was fabulous for the first read through I loved it…

  2. It is a lovely poem. I liked the way you took out the small most important things in life that have frozen in heart. Your poem makes them to bubble and evaporate to fly. It is difficult for me to make out which lines I like the most. But if I make my best try, then I like these lines, “For the mirages of life never written in ones life,Looking way above to those faked smiles………………”.

    Thanks for your concern. Life sometime wants different from you. I was on a different track and eveytime with Xanga. Hope you are doing great!

    Bless You always. ~Namaste~ Nidhi

  3. I have read and re-read this poem and I see so many layers to it, so many steps and yet I know that even if I follow them logically I do not come to the ultimate destination at the heart of such ruminations.

    As I’ve said before your writing has a classical vibe that tends to send me back to more innocent times but the occasional biting observation adds a great counterpart to the beauty of it. As in everything there is no light without the darkness. Looking forward to reading more.

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