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I haven’t moved a bit from the apartment after I came to India. Justwaiting for the south western monsoon to become strong. It started offvery week this year. As many of you may know I love rain and the rain Iam talking about is not thunder storms. The monsoon rain without windor thunder just keeps on going, that’s the beauty of it. I will  putsome video and pictures in the next post.
  My sincere apologies for not commenting many posts of my friendshere… I will do it soon and the new subscribers… welcome to myworld.
 Now this poem… very simple, I started writing this one during theflight from Chicago to New Delhi. The second stanza is what I wrotefirst. Then I kinda lost myself in it. The recovery brought the rest ofthe poem.


From the furthest corners of memory recovered,
A dazzling dream of the arrival,
Of the magnificence of the cycle of life.

The street corners with dust filled,
And those white dust from above fell and fell,
Silence held winter by the throat,
Still the old man bound by his word,
Dragged along the same paths of time.

No footsteps upon the streets found,
Eyes from up above the high-rises peeped,
Shutout in fear unknown in the throbbing mind,
And then came the wind that filled everywhere,
And she held the hands of the old man,
And sung into senses of a youthful soul,
“Break away the chains that binds,
Break away the walls brick by brick,
Tire not O mind in the tiring life that blinds,
And never fell in the wicked life that tricks,
From the depths soul in gladness find,
Warmth of love that melts the freeze,
In the material senses feel.”

The dream filled the material senses of a soul,
Where the beauty of a face in fulfillment found,
Oh’ what wonderful feelings she leaves,
Every time about her mind thinks,
Never in life about her love doubt,
As in the love of her lifetimes this soul will wait.

5 Replies to “Undoubted”

  1. I know I usually leave comments always I just was tryin to read this poem and I had a spark of inspiration for a minute so I left again… This as always is a powerful poem man you rock….

    “Warmth of love that melts the freeze”
    This was my favorite line man good work…

  2. wow! Amazing poem. I love these lines,” Oh’ what wonderful feelings she leaves, everytime about her mind thinks, Never in life about her love doubt, As in the love of her lifetimes this soul will wait”………….We are waiting for the photographs!  I read in the paper that it has reached to Kerla……….

    Enjoy your vaccations!

    ~Namaste~ Nidhi

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