From Broken Patterns.

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I owe you all a lot of picturesand videos. I promised that. I tried to upload it but it didn’t work out. Iwill try again later in the weekend. Hope you all doing great out there in thiswonderful summer. I am feeling a bit lost, well, I am honest, and some how Iwant to escape into a dream. But dreams and their fulfillments are all forpeople who truly understands, how lucky they are. I don’t think I belong inthat group anymore.

From Broken Patterns. 

The little games playedaround in the innocence years,
Oh’ how wonderful memoriesin the mind they lay,
Every bit of time inimaginations spent,
And every imagination like abit inside a kaleidoscope. 

Ah, those wonderful patternsthose bits of no value made,
Through years that left innocencein growth of mind and body,
Still in the mind colors andshapes from those patterns came,
None ever repeated,everything left leaving a beautiful impression. 

Meanings defined, Oh’ theyall meaningless remained,
Predications made, Ah, theytoo became blabbering,
Of a mind in a bubbled upfantasy land,
That made the bits andpatterns in time, valueless. 

Then came a glow that unitedall those patterns,
In beauty and charm unknownto all senses,
That took the shape of aloving heart,
And became real in you.

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  1. Hello LP! This poem flows into a beautiful resolve… really like it! And… I have never before seen the word ‘blabbering’ in a poem. Love how ‘blabbering’ is followed by ‘bubbled up’.  Very nice!      your friend, Lah

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