From The Depths Of Darkness.

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This will be the toughest weekend in the last 5 years of my life. I am not kidding. Well I will survive. It is a damn hot day. I hated the weather. Even though I was born and brought up in a warm place never really liked the heat at all. I used to be a fast bowler in cricket. A game played in the humid heat all day for five days. If I stand in heat like that for a whole day.. mmm my belly may burn away. Said about belly, it is growing. I think I am pregnant.. hehe just kidding. Yes my waist line is huge that’s not any kidding. I got to get a grip on my ever expanding waist. The job week was hectic. We are getting around well a nice team we got here at work.  I am not going to give you a lecture of how life needs to be lived. But one should know when choosing a partner, that understanding is the key. Everything else perishes away before that. Think again before you make that choice. There is a lifetime ahead to live.


This is another poem presented in blogtv. I will be back with more during the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone.

From The Depths Of Darkness.


Fallen from the heights of life,

Deep and far from all known life,

Grown in the depths of love,

All meanings life lost,

As most of life with dark clouds veiled,

And that invisible parasite from every corner clutched,

The dark phenomenon everyone calls fate.


No directions known,

North, east, west and south,

All merged in depths of dark,

And through it all fell into the valley of gloom,

Where darkness all five senses can feel.


Ran to and fro then left and right,

All felt same,

And landed into the middle of woods,

As the grass grown neck long,

Blade grass through skin mercilessly pierced,

Leaches sucked blood giving no pain,

Serpents at legs bound and bite their venom ineffective,

As life itself fed, the most powerful venom,

The power from the unloved heart flown,

Through vein and those serpents all fell dead,

And grass lifeless fell losing all essence,

Leaches in coma lied,

Still darkness bound tight even in imaginations.


As every hope turned to mere cravings,

Blood mixed with tears when thought about her,

She whom he lost beyond every dream,

Oh’ he cursed and cursed his own misfortune,

And in the dark onto a dark boulder he ran,

As he lay flat from the furthest corner seen,

A bit of light that grown in size,

She came to him and right beside him she sat,

And a little above the whispering voice to him she said,

“I am no God given gift,

I am no lucky star,

I am not the fun filled doll in your childhood you carried,

I am no material blessing rest of your life you can keep,

Never ever you saw me as who I am,

As all I said was what in me you always searched,

Why you never asked me to give my life to you,

Which in all happiness to you I always wished to give,

And I know my smiles will bring to you all you wished,

In the coming days try to gain a girl who is just a girl,

Whom you can love from the depths of mind,

And look for a girl who is a human not an angel,

On that day with all my love I will be there for you”.


Then she walked away as not a move he couldn’t make,

The morning woke up somewhere and no sun he could see,

Still he laid there in the middle of the park,

Losing the intoxication in every second passed,

The morning joggers and dog walkers all ran away,

As they all want to stay as far away from a naked drunkard.


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4 Replies to “From The Depths Of Darkness.”

  1. Wow, I like it! Very well written.

    I’m sorry about the heat, I can’t stand it ether. Mom keeps getting mad at me because I have my room to cold and it’s running up the bill.

    But back to my point, that was a really good poem.

  2. WOW sir poet, this is awesome! your pen flows with such magnificence and grace, provocative and profound…I have missed your work, so happy I found you again.

    take care,

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